11 August

Charging from fatigue : Exercises for Home and Office

high pace of life, a lot of worries and affairs, dressed work often leave no time for rest.A fatigue tends to accumulate, which can easily lead to disease and depression.Therefore, it is under a heavy load is especially important to learn to rest, relax and stock up on energy.

One such method is a special charge, which will not take you very long time, but it will allow to stock up on strength and cheer.

set of exercises from fatigue

• Strongly knead hands, starting with the toes.Duration of exercise - 10 seconds.

• Rub your fingers palm.Exercise duration - 5 seconds.

• Rub your hands warmed up and down his cheeks.Exercise duration - 5 seconds.

• With closed mouth move the lower jaw from right to left and vice versa (the amount of exercise - 7 times), and then back and forth (the amount of exercise - 7 times) and 7 times, repeat the exercise in a clockwise direction and in the opposite direction.

• Gently tap your fingers on the top.Exercise duration - 5 seconds.

• Squeeze each hand in a relaxe

d fist.Vigorously pat fist inside and outside of the

arm (between the elbow and brush).Repeat 3 times.

• Rotate the tongue clockwise and in the opposite direction of the front and gums.Perform each exercise in each direction 7 times.

• Locate on his neck throbbing carotid artery, gently press it with your thumb and count to five, release your finger.Breathe deeply.Again, push and go to the opposite side of the neck.Use your thumb to feel for depression at the base of the skull, push it and count to three, release.Repeat 3 times.

Exercises weariness Office

These simple tricks that can be performed directly on the job will help you quickly get rid of the feeling of fatigue.

• To stimulate blood circulation vigorously shake hands, sit comfortably and try to relax.Start the massage with golo¬vy: pat the crown, neck, shoulders, and then all those areas of the body that will be able to get.

• If you feel tension in the back of his head, his hands grasp the back of the head so that the ends of the fingers on the cervical vertebrae almost touching.Breathe out and tilt your head back.Make stroking movements with his hands forward towards the collarbone.

• To relieve fatigue, hold the thumb and index paltsa¬mi for earlobes and move them in a circular motion back and forth.Within a few minutes you will be back vigor and vitality.

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