12 August

Exercises for the feet

to stop Exercise strengthens the muscles of the ankles, maintain their mobility and, if not solve the possible problems of the ankle, it significantly reduces the risk of their occurrence.Foot and ankle biomechanics are responsible for the correct movement by acting as shock absorbers and stabilizers of the body during movement (walking, running, dancing).

in the foot involves the following muscle groups:

  • • calf and located underneath soleus muscle (exercise plantar flexion of the foot);
  • anterior tibial (core muscles of the foot, it is responsible for flexion);
  • peroneal muscles located on the outer side of the shin;
  • posterior tibial (responsible for the stabilization of the ankle).

What consequences resulting violation of the biomechanics of the foot?

Frequent injuries, improper biomechanics of the foot can become a cause of chronic pain in this area, leading to discomfort and stiffness in the ankle joint.ankle problems as a result may cause trouble throughout the kinetic

chain of the body and cause injuries knees, hips and lower back.Therefore, it is important to find time to do exercises to strengthen the foot, especially as many of them can be done while sitting watching TV.

Exercises that strengthen the foot

Before doing exercises to stop the feet, spend the 10-minute light cardio workout and articulate.

  • • Standing on the floor, pick up 20 small items toes.Make at least two approaches.You can connect a competitive time.
  • • Sitting on a chair, podozhmite toes and hold the foot in this position for 5 seconds.Repeat three times.Over time, this exercise is to stop the legs can be complicated, making it standing on one leg.
  • • Adhering to the wall, stand on the step so that most of the feet hung off it.Perform 15-20 ups on your toes, relax a little.It is assumed 3 approach.Advanced version of the exercises for the foot is on one leg.
  • • At the end of this complex work on stretching the foot (exercises for small joints).Sitting bent leg at the knee and pull up to her with one hand to fix the foot.Alternately each finger to perform rotational and flexor-extensor movement.The amplitude of motion to be possible, but no pain.For each finger 6 approaches.

to develop large joints on three levels (just below the fingers, in the middle of the foot and between caviar and foot) are carried out similar to the previous exercise.The foot is fixed by hand, then massage performed flexion and rotational movement at each of the three levels.For the study of large joints movement should be performed slowly, feeling each pan, tilt and rotation.This drill is designed for 15 minutes (5 minutes at 1 level).

Complete set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the foot, ankle and lower leg.For this purpose it is necessary to pay for 30 seconds walking alternately on his toes and heels.

Effective exercises for flat feet

cause of flatfoot is often a muscle imbalance.To cope with the consequences, and this problem can be accompanied by pain in the ankle, on the leg and back exercises to help stop with flat feet that are performed sitting in a chair.For a start it will be enough for 2-3 sets of each exercise, gradually their number should be increased to fifteen.Determine the number of approaches, it is necessary to focus on their health.

  • • Bottom-up to hold the big toe on the front surface of the other lower leg.Change leg.
  • • The inner side of the sole of the left foot pat right calf.Change leg.
  • • to skate along the arch of the foot for each foot alternately hard tennis ball.The foot and the ball are in close contact.
  • • Commit soles "raking" motion (imagine that you are on the sandy beach and with the help of stop building a mound of sand).
  • • When straight knees, connect soles (foot stress on the outside edge of the foot).
  • • Capture and collect your toes a piece of cloth;lift and move with the fingers small objects (buttons, pencils, etc.).

exercise benefit to stop is not only to strengthen the muscles and keeping them in good shape.This is an effective way to help deal with such problems and diseases such as numbness of the feet, heel spurs, hyperlordosis arthritis.Daily walks, walking barefoot on gravel, grass and sand - these are the same strengthening exercises for the ankle joints, which we do not hesitate.

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