12 August

Charging with the child .Exercise for children

Charging child - is the guarantor of the proper development of the baby.Unfortunately, not every parent can boast that in the morning engaged in morning exercises with your child.It's unfortunate.After charging for the child it is of paramount importance - recreational and educational.

child exercises in preschool age - is a definite act of will, which run regularly, not only discipline, but also gives the course of the proper development of the child.

Closely physical education should deal with the child in aged 3-6 years - is the main component of the overall pedagogical process.The fact is that in the pre-school age, the basic motor skills, which further destiny of man will appear in his gait, posture, basic expressive movements.Of course, all the traffic will be formed, but what are they?Verified or awkward?Confidence or fearful?Alert or lethargic?

is of interest to be charged

Charging should bring only benefit to the child's health and positive emotions.In order to achieve this it is

, you will have a difficult job.

systematically teach a child to charge - it is certainly not an easy task, but feasible to each parent.It is important to develop the habit of daily activities - it disciplines and allows to maintain the body in good shape.The daily morning exercise improves health, recharges energy and improves mood.

First you should call the child's interest to charge.After all, if he would be interested, charging will bring pleasure.Gradually the need for it to appear.Here you can take advantage of his authority and set an example for the baby.The child will be happy to copy your movements.

Please charge with the child to the game.It should not be boring.Turn lively music, sing a children's song.Engage the whole family.Let the child perceives it as entertainment, rather than "obyazalovke".

In addition, the child must exercise fit his age, so that he can perform them yourself and not feel the pain after exercise or severe fatigue.Lay crumb time to sleep.If a child is good night's sleep, it would be easy to deal with.

As they get older complicate exercise, increase the number of repetitions and, accordingly, the charging time.

For a child of three years, the recommended duration of physical activity is 6-8 minutes, 8-10 minutes, 4 years, 5 years - 10-12 minutes, six years -12-15 minutes.

Gymnastics - wont be healthy

Regular execution morning exercise - is the key to the effective development of your child, both physical and mental.Regular performance of physical exercise:

- Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in youth and adulthood.

- Increases levels of norepinephrine and endorphins - they increase stress resistance .

- stimulates brain function and promotes better learning.

- has a beneficial effect on the mental health of the child , it gives a positive charge on the day and improves the quality of life in the future.

- increases the production of hormones, such as norepinephrine and endorphins that help create new nerve cells and support synaptic plasticity (thinking speed).

Regular charging with the child in the morning has a positive effect on children's nervous and mental activity, enhances all the physiological processes in the body and eliminates the small retardation after sleep.

However, gymnastics performs specific tasks: forming good posture, is the prevention and correction of various deformities of the body, restores skeletal system after injury.

Exercises for children

mandatory condition for employment - warming up the muscles.Every charge must be accompanied by a warm-up and stretching."Top-down" - Classical charging scheme.Start with walking or jogging in place.This gives rise to warm up the muscles of the body.

After doing a warm-up top of the shoulder joint: head turns to the left - to the right, then - the circular movements of the head (45 - 60 seconds).

to warm up the arms and shoulders: do the circular motion of the shoulders and produce intense hand movements from the hips up (60 - 120 seconds).

Warm up the muscles of the back and the press: squat, keeping your back straight up and bend over backwards and forwards, to the side (60 - 120 seconds).

smooth transition to workout hip joints: smooth circular movement of the pelvis (no more than 60 seconds).

Basic exercises

Walking, running, climbing, jumping, throwing - it is vital movement (complex conditioned reflexes), which will help to improve the activity of the nervous system.In addition, the baby during exercise becomes aware of their own abilities.

Walking on toes - primary prevention of flatfoot.By reducing the footprint by walking, increased muscle tension leg and foot.The child spontaneously begins to perform a short step and a smaller wave of the hand that helps straighten the spine.

walking on bent ( «walking stealthily") is coordinating the joint work of the hands and feet.

Similar functions are performed by a run.This running - an excellent dynamic load, which develops the respiratory and circulatory systems, capillary network, improves metabolism.

methane or throws the ball - raising orientation in the direction of motion, the degree of remoteness and location of objects.

Climbing can be of several types: prolezanie, crawling, perelezanie, climbing a vertical wall.This exercise children should carry out under the guidance of the educator.Not recommended for children under school age prolonged static muscle strain.Climbing brings in a child volitional qualities: determination, agility, quickness.

Jumping - is one complete motion.Proper execution of this exercise produces a sense of rhythm.Exercise is strongly correlated with the proprioceptive sensitivity - developed vestibular system.

Ends charge hitch, perform relaxation exercises to align breathing (deep breath, exhale with a show of hands, you can not add a quick step on the spot).

Remember: doing exercises with a child, you are laying the foundations of a healthy development of the crumbs.That charge will help your crumbs to be healthy, strong, fun, clever and intellectual development.

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