12 August

Therapeutic exercise : exercises for the joints

offer you a specially designed physical therapy complexes in diseases of arthritis, arthrosis and coxarthrosis.

Exercises for joints of the hands

starting position for all exercises - - sitting at the table.

• Place the hands on the edge of the table parallel to each other.Turn the hand palms up and down (perform 8-10 times).

• Place the wrist on the table.Raise and lower the brush, taking his first finger in the direction of (repeat 8-10 times).

• Brushes are on the table.Raise and lower your fingers, with the palm of your hand should be pressed to the table (repeat 8-10 times).

• Put your hands on the table, bending at the elbows.Squeeze your fingers into a fist slowly: first phalanx, and then fully tighten into a fist (repeat 8-10 times).

• Place the palms on the edge.Each finger in turn, with a large, form ring (repeat 8-10 times).

• vigorously rub hands together (repeat 10-12 times).

• Put your elbows on the table.Slowly perform circular movements with his hands, keeping your elbows off t

he table.After performing a circular motion make pendulum swinging arm from sto¬rony to the side and then back and forth.Repeat the exercise 15 times and then gradually bring them up to 30.

leg exercises

all leg exercises are performed 6-7 times.

• Starting position: Lie on your back, pull your hands along the body.Alternately, bend your knees, heels slipping on the floor.

• Starting position: Lie on your back, bend your legs.On 1 - pull the knee to the stomach at 2 - return to starting position on 3 - repeat with the other leg on the 4 - return to starting position.

• Starting position: Lie on your back, bend your legs.Swing knees in turn: right and left.

• Starting position: Lie on your back, straighten your legs, pull the foot.Lift the right leg, hold it in this position and release.The same repeat with the other leg.

• Starting position: Lie on your stomach, arms stretch along the body.Gradually tense and relax the buttocks.

• Starting position: Lie on your stomach, arms stretch along the body.Slowly dilute straight legs to the side.

"In no case do not exercise through the pain!"

After the circular motion should start doing pendulum swinging arm from side to side and forward and back.Repeat the exercise, starting with 15 reps in the occupation, and gradually bring them to 30.

Exercises for shoulder joints

• Stand up and lean forward, resting on a chair with his good hand.Lower the injured arm down and download it first clockwise and then counterclockwise.Start the drill with a small amplitude of rotation, gradually increasing it until until there pain.

• Starting position - stand up straight, hands vdo lower torso.Slowly lift straightened hands to the vertical position and lower them down.Start with 15 reps, but with each passing day, gradually increase the number of lifts hands.

• Lie on the floor, hands behind your neck, connect to the castle.Elbows thus should lie on the floor.Lift turns right elbow towards the right ear and the left arm - the left ear.The number of repetitions for the first time at least 10-15, and then the number of exercises can be increased.

• In a standing position, place hands on his shoulders.Describe your hands circles, gradually increasing amplitude.

• Lie on your back and pull out the injured arm in the direction at an angle of 90 degrees to the body.The palm should be facing upwards.Bend your arm at the elbow at a right angle so that the fingers looked up.Then lower the arm toward the thigh and hold this position for 30 seconds.Return to the starting position.Then lower the arm back toward the ear and linger in this position for 30 seconds.Start with 10 repetitions per session and gradually bring them up to 15.

Exercises in coxarthrosis

This complex is designed for the treatment of arthrosis of large joints: hip, knee, ankle.

• Lie on the floor on his stomach, put your face on the connected hands.Slightly sway your hips from side to side, rolling over on his stomach.The amplitude of the movement should not exceed 3 cm. Exercise is recommended to perform 3 times a day before meals for 10 minutes.

• Lie on the floor or take a reclining position or semi-sitting.Elongated and slightly parted legs alternately, expand inwards and outwards.The amplitude of the motion is not greater than 1 cm.

• Sit on a chair, knees, spread about shoulder-width apart.Feet firmly against the floor.In the initial stage for the control of arms range of motion is better to keep on the lap.It is easy and stress-free vaults and dilute the knees with an amplitude of 1 cm.

• Sitting on a chair, place your feet on the floor and easily, without stress in turn lift the heel off the floor by 1-2 cm.

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