12 August

Yoga for complete

Speaking of physical activities for a complex full of people, most of all, we are referring to a standard set - aerobics, fitness, pool.Few people associate with a really fat people, whose weight is significantly higher than normal, yoga.

believed that yoga - a set of burdensome positions, kinks, stretching, available only to people to perform "small size".

However, the proponents of this movement claim and show in practice that the fullness - not a hindrance for yoga.On the contrary, yoga for complete develops flexibility of the body, gives tone and elasticity muscles.Due to prolonged static postures the body needs a lot of energy, which uses body fat body.The complex is formed, and the body bends, getting rid of the extra kilograms and centimeters.

If the weight is significant, then perform even basic exercises - inclinations, squat - is very difficult.Yoga Asanas requires little more effort on yourself.And the main thing to achieve the result - it is patience and hard work.

What is important?Fi

rst of all, develop its psychological setting .Very often, self-doubt and laziness - the only thing that prevents the start.Fear that something can not happen, should not disturb you.Think, for a lot of things that you are able to now, was once available to you.And your beautiful figure and well being will be the most pleasant surprise in the end.

If you decide to part with the excess weight seriously and permanently, it is necessary to impose restrictions in the diet.Slimming Yoga approves the transition to a vegetarian diet, but you make your own choice, focusing primarily on health.Consultation with a physician is also not hurt, especially if you have osteoarthritis, problems with the spine, joints.Yoga means the load on the joints, back, so you need to have confidence in their physical abilities.

If it turns out a better deal with the coach - it evenly distribute the load, will gradually introduce new elements and will help you achieve results.If you can deal with, we offer home-only complex yoga for beginners, you can perform yourself.Such an approach will require from you even more demanding of myself, control and confidence.

present you some exercises to see the trainer on yoga for complete Tatiana Myskina , which itself went the way of weight loss and achieved excellent results - with 58 clothing size 50 to a thin, gained self-confidence, health and flexibility.

1. Sit on the floor, cross-legged.Sitting should be smooth, not resting on the coccyx on sitting bones, buttocks seemed to pull out from under him.Pulling up the crown as far as possible, keep your back as straight as possible.You can put a pillow under her flat or mat.Hold this static position for 30 seconds.

2. sukhasana - continuing to sit straight, hands connect to the chest, knees outward up to the stop and down as you can.Hold on to this position for half a minute.

3. For this exercise you will need a belt and a thick book.The book lay between the thighs, legs, connect and put in parallel.From the belt make the ring (buttoned buckle) the size of the distance between the underarm.Put the ring on the wrist and pull forward hand.Make sure that your back remains in the same position, do not lean your hands after.On the inhale lift arms up, arms at the same time still.Then the hands - go ahead and lowered.Each position hold our hands for 30 seconds.

During one training you need to perform a few asanas blocks.

These simple exercises will help you start yoga class, learn to feel your body, help you properly stretch the body.Once you learn them, you can proceed to more complex techniques.We wish you a healthy and beautiful slimming!

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