12 August

Exercises after cesarean section

Every woman after childbirth dreams as soon as possible to restore the old physical form.And if the birth were difficult and it was necessary to apply the operation, the female body has experienced double stress. recovery figures after cesarean - matter that requires time, patience, careful attitude towards their health.

recovery after cesarean section must necessarily take place under medical supervision.Depending on the severity of the woman moved the operations selected and reducing complex events.We propose to consider measures to adjust the figures in more detail in the rate at different time stages after surgery.

In the first days after cesarean

Immediately after the operation start to exercise dangerous.Nevertheless, some measures to restore the figure you can take:

• From the first days after the operation can be carried tightening postpartum bandage to keep the muscles toned and prevent them from greatly weaken.

• Avoid sleeping on your stomach, this posture helps to reduce the uterine

muscles and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

• Try not to miss walking with a stroller.This exercise is not dangerous to health, and in the right measure helps bring in muscle tone.And also help get rid of excess weight gained in the months of pregnancy.

About a week after giving birth, get medical advice, you can proceed to the first exercise. Gymnastics after caesarean section in the first days after the operation consists of several basic exercises that promote muscle toning, and not dangerous for damaged organs surgery.

Adopt a comfortable position, sitting or reclining, and how you want it enabled.You can put a pillow under your back.You do not need any sudden movements, do everything smoothly, feel your body.

1. flexion and extension of the feet.Exercise perform strongly, but not abruptly.

2. Perform rotation left and right feet.

3. Tighten your buttock muscles and release.

4. Press the knees to the bed, on which sit and release.

5. Alternately bend and straighten the legs: one another.

perform each exercise 10 times.

Exercises to strengthen the pelvic

exercises after cesarean can lead to weakened muscles tone, to activate slimming process, not allowing it to disperse cash seams or cause the body to excessive fatigue.

Such exercises will strengthen pelvic muscles, cleanse the vagina and give tone and elasticity of the muscles.

1. Alternately tense - relax the muscles of the uterus and anus, starting with one or two seconds, gradually increasing the duration.

2. Now try to do the exercise only at vaginal muscles with a gradual increase in voltage power - from light, gradually increasing the voltage.You should see a feeling of lifting up the muscles of the pelvic cavity.

Such exercises are suitable for almost all women who underwent cesarean section.Follow them for two months, without having to go to more complex exercises.Take your time, take care of your health.Then again, consult with your doctor for the load increase.

abdominal exercises after cesarean

month later, focusing on their health, it is possible to perform the first sparing exercises to work through the press zone.

Remember that intense training is strictly contraindicated, be engaged in the quiet pace, with the gym for 10-20 minutes a day.

for exercise of this group the same starting position - lying down, legs bent at the knees, resting your feet on the floor.You can put cushions under her head.

1. Slightly dilute her knees, clutching his stomach crosswise hands.On the exhale, you need to lift your head, shoulders, hands and squeeze the sides, as if trying to bring them together.Briefly detained in this position, inspiratory position relax.

2. Gently, but take a deep breath, you need to stomach filled with air.You should feel as he rounded.On the exhale, pull your stomach to the limit, with his back pressed against the support.

3. Hands lie on your stomach.Take a deep breath, exhale slowly lift your head.Lower on inspiration.Every day lift his head a little higher.A few days later, connect the shoulders, and in a few weeks - lift the entire body to a sitting position.

4. Alternately lift the bent knees to his chest, briefly hold the pose, lower.

5. First, lift one leg to the chest and straighten it as you can, the second leg at this time bent at the knee.Hold briefly, come back to the starting position and do the other leg.

Perform these exercises every day, but be sure to follow your feelings.At the slightest indisposition consult a specialist.

After 2-3 months you can add the following types of exercise:

• Swimming in the pool.

exercise "bike" .Lying on his back, legs imitate cycling.Dose load, focusing on health.

Performing these exercises regularly, you will effectively restore the figure after childbirth, even if you had to go through a cesarean section.Additional help can be a diet after birth.

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