12 August

Exercise therapy in inflammatory gynecological diseases

In modern medicine, physiotherapy is used for many diseases.Treatment of movement - now an integral part of the complex therapy.Exercise therapy has not only local, but also the overall health effects on the patient.Dosed motion stimulates all body functions, including the strengthening of the nervous system and has a tonic effect.This contributes to the elimination of the disease protsessa.Fizicheskie exercises stimulate blood circulation, increase metabolism, increase the redox processes in the tissues, prevent and eliminate stagnation of venous blood in the pelvic area.When the exercise revealed a large number of tiny blood vessels, which leads to better nutrition of tissues.In turn, the tissues are well supplied with nutrients, quickly disposed of infectious processes, accelerate healing and recovery processes.

It is known that physical exercise strengthens and trains the muscles, and the female uterus is a muscular organ again, so in many gynecological diseases physiotherapy is the main method of

treatment.In particular, chronic adnexitis successfully makes it and enters the main treatment in resorbable complex therapy.

task of physical therapy for chronic inflammatory diseases - raising the general tone of the body, improve respiratory function, circulation and eliminate congestion in the pelvic area, strengthen the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, to promote the resorption of inflammatory processes.

Getting physical therapy studies, in Ideally, you should consult a doctor , which provide guidance on the permissible load, the dosage and the nature of the exercise.
Contraindications to engage physical therapy are: severe circulatory failure, exacerbation of chronic coronary artery disease (angina pectoris), aneurysm of the heart and aorta, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage, blood diseases, hypertension with constant high pressure level (above220/120 mm Hg. Art.), hypotension (blood pressure lower than 90/50 mm Hg. Art.), acute infectious disease in febrile stage, a considerable myopia (-15 diopters) in conjunction with persistent fundus changes (high intraocular pressure, the risk of retinal detachment), severe diabetes (in the stage of decompensation).Contraindications for classes are also acute inflammation of the female genital organs, accompanied by high fever, bleeding, irritation of the pelvic peritoneum, closed purulent processes prior to the opening of a purulent focus and create good drainage, the presence of cysts on the leg, ectopic pregnancy or suspected it.

Getting the first studies of physiotherapy exercises, you have to give yourself a little exercise, and only gradually increase it.The older you are, the slower physical activity should increase.Remember that in most cases, exercise increases the acceleration of the movement, but in some exercises, such as lifting and straightening the leg from the starting position lying on his back, slow pace, on the contrary, makes it difficult to exercise.

to exercise control using the following techniques:
- If you move from a prone position in a sitting position with his hands - it's not difficult, but if at the same time to lay his hands behind his head, it will be much more difficult.
- By increasing the range of motion exercises are more difficult.

- The starting position should be chosen taking into account the features of the organism.So, it is difficult to complete women doing exercises in the initial supine position, since in this case the contents of the abdomen moves up, which greatly complicates the work of the heart and lungs.In these cases it is necessary to enclose the head under the pillow high, and do not perform the exercises while lying on the floor and on the bed or couch.Weakened or elderly will be much easier instead of the original prone position to carry out exercises in the initial sitting position.Women with high blood pressure are not recommended exercises kolennoloktevom position (on all fours), and deep flexion of the trunk forward, during which flushing may occur to the head and increased intracranial pressure.

- Carrying out exercise, breathe freely and naturally.Make sure that there was no breath.When bending the torso, the slopes convenient to do: straightening up - exhale, and caving - breath.In between difficult exercises engaged in respiratory gymnastics (rhythmic and deep breathing nose) or try to relax as much as possible (if you are lying or sitting on a chair).

- Each class of physiotherapy should start with warm-up.The most difficult for you to perform the exercises in the middle of the complex, with a gradual reduction of the load to the end.Finish is always breathing exercises and relaxation exercises.

-For have to do it regularly the desired effect: at least 2-3 times a week.Duration 20-25 minutes on average.Doing should not hamper the movements of clothing.It is advisable to carry out exercise to music.

And now we offer you a very complex exercise inflammatory gynecological diseases.

Starting position - standing:
- Sipping, hands up - inhale.Run 4-6 times.
- torso to bend, a turn - exhale.Run 4-5 times in each direction.
- side bends.Breathing evenly.Perform 4-5 times in each direction.
- Squat on the exhale.Run 5-10.
- Imitation boxing.Breathing evenly.Perform 5-10 strokes with each hand.

Starting position - kneeling:
- bend, touching hands heels - breath, then lean forward - exhale.Run 4-8 times.

Starting position - lying on his back:
- Perform legs movement "bicycle", repeat 5-10 times each leg.Breathing evenly.
Starting position - lying on his stomach.
- Breathe.Dilute legs apart - exhale.Run 5-10.

Starting position - standing:
- Flexion, standing on a chair leg at the knee bend as you exhale.Run 5-6 times with each leg.
- hands in front of chest tighten into fists.Dissolve hands in the parties - exhale.Run 3-5 times.

Physical exercises can be done even under strict bed mode: at a slow pace to perform passive movements and kicking, active movement in small joints of hands and feet, breathing exercises of moderate depth (length of sessions-about 10 minutes).Even with such a simple exercise is an increase of mental tone, decreased depression sick person, stimulation of the physiological mechanisms to fight disease and improve the functional state of the organism.When the doctor allowed to sit down, sit down on a chair and make active movements with his hands and legs, torso muscle exercises (duration of classes - 15 minutes), when you can go - quietly walk around (walk duration - 70-80 steps).

give exercise examples that can be do on the stage of recovery :
- Lying on his back - pull legs heels to the pelvis, plant in hand and reduce bent knees, lift the straight leg, pull in turn bent at the knee and hipjoints of the legs to the chest, legs make circular movements to simulate riding a bike, swimming style "Brass".
- Sitting on the floor - to reduce and raise the legs with resistance, to carry out the body tilts to the right and left foot, the body turns.

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