12 August

Exercise therapy for constipation .The complex exercise

At the core constipation is a violation of the colon functions in the direction of cut or boost its motility.In this case, exercise play an important role in the complex treatment of disease, a symptom of which is a violation of the colon function.The aim of physiotherapy - to strengthen the patient's general condition, regulate the function of his autonomic nervous system and improve the state of the abdominals.

When primary atonic constipation different nature of physiotherapy technique is the use of active and in-depth self-massage of the abdomen on the background bracing exercises alternated with breathing movements and distractions of special exercises for the abdominals.The duration of therapeutic exercises 15-35 minutes.

When atony and descended intestine important along with restorative nature of the exercises are exercises for the development of the abdominal muscles, including the muscles of the pelvic floor and diaphragm, with the gradual complication of exercises in different starting po

sitions: lying on your back, side, knees, kneeling, sittingas well as in transition from one position to another.The rate of movement calm, moderate.Exercises are performed rhythmically, with the gradual increase in range of motion.

a basis we can take a simple complex of therapeutic exercise to stimulate the intestine.Exercises are performed regularly.Each exercise is repeated 10-15 times.

- Starting position - lying on his back with legs raised straight.Perform leg movements like riding a bicycle.This exercise trains the muscles of the hips, abdominals, stimulates blood flow in the abdominal cavity.

- Starting position - lying on his back.Leg, bent at the knee (or both feet), grasping hands and tightly pressed to his stomach, and then return to starting position.This exercise stimulates the activity of the intestines, stimulates the blood circulation in the abdominal cavity, promotes discharge of gas with flatulence.

- Starting position - lying on his back.The leg is bent at the knee and try to get it to the floor on the opposite side, keeping the floor of the shoulder girdle.Then do the same with the other leg.Exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and waist, and stimulates the bowels.

- Starting position - on his knees, with a focus on his hands or elbows, his head lowered.Crouching on the buttocks in turn to the left and right side.Exercise stimulates the bowel work, promotes discharge of gas with flatulence.

- Starting position - the same as in the previous exercise.Alternately straighten and pull the back legs, arching back.Exercise develops the muscles of the buttocks and back, improves the outflow of blood from the pelvic organs.

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