13 August

Morning exercises .The complex exercise

Total quarter of an hour you will need to make in the morning, barely awake, with a light set of physical exercises to shake off drowsiness, lethargy, and quickly, "without delay", to engage in the usual work rhythm.It is these simple, well-known to us from childhood physical uprazhneniya.1.Legs apart, hands to shoulders.Raise your hands up, reaching well - inhale, down to the shoulders - exhale.

2. Legs together, hands in front of chest, fingers connected "to the castle."Not moving his fingers, straighten your arms to the left, turn them to the right palms up.Repeat the exercise in

the opposite direction.Breathing is arbitrary.

3. Feet shoulder width apart, arms at sides.Getting a circular motion straightened arms, together with the power of clenching and unclenching his fingers.Breathing is arbitrary.

4. heels together, toes apart, arms hanging freely.The slope of the right-hand slides right thigh, left arm refineries golovu- exhale, return to the starting position - a breath.Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.

5. Feet shoulder width apart, hands placed on the back of a chair.

Make circular movements of the lower part of the body, like the spinning hoop - first one way and then the other.Breathing is arbitrary.

6. Steel straight, hands on the back of a chair.The left leg straightened led away to the maximum height, then do the same exercise for the right leg.Breathing is arbitrary.

7. They sat down on the mat, hands behind his back.Alternately raise and lower leg straightened, breathing arbitrary.

8. Lay on the mat, arms at your sides.We sat down, helping himself with his hands, then back to the starting position, breathing arbitrary.

Each exercise should be repeated 8-12 times.

Finish walking workout, alternating with running in place, the tempo gradually slows down, we go to step.Now - a cool shower, bathing in a river, pond or simply dousing with cold water.

new day you start in a cheerful, good working a good mood!Do not be lazy enough to regularly perform this complex exercise, and you'll forget about many of their problems, including the problem of excess weight!

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