13 August

On what sore neck ?A set of exercises to relieve headache and neck pain

pain in the nape of the neck and in the upper section - very unpleasant pain for the simple reason that it is difficult to define what actually hurts - the head or neck.Among the countless possible causes of headache, there is one that is triggered by stress deep extensor muscles of the neck, which are located directly below the neck.Pain in the neck section can occur during a small tilt or slight turn of the head, and even a touch of the neck may be painful in itself.

Since ancient times, it was found that the mechanical tensile stresses painful muscle a person can own to get rid of the pain.Painful contraction of muscles is always shortened, and stretching it - painfully.But if at first to give a slight tension of this muscle, without its reduction in length, then relax it slowly and stretch the painful tension in it disappear.

complex stretching exercises for the neck muscles

- Sit in a chair with a back.Have back in the chair is crucial, then it will be clear - why.Draw his back in his chair a

t the beginning of the exercise is not necessary.

- Sitting straight, put your hands on your head so that the first (they are-big) fingers were on the upper cheeks, and the rest - on the back of his head.Inhale and having got his eyes to the ceiling, try gently tilt the head back, but the fingers lying on the back of the head, slightly resist this movement.After 5-7 seconds, a light combat, as you exhale, relaxing the muscles of the neck evenly, depart slowly in his chair.

- If you did everything correctly, then at this point you should feel uniformly stretched muscle at the back of the neck and especially in the neck.But do not overdo it!Repeat this action is necessary on several occasions.However, do not get carried away!No clicks, prohrustyvany neck should not be!Your actions, especially those aimed at the manipulation of the neck, should be gentle, gentle and soft.

Maybe not even have to throw back his head back and just try the movement of one eye to look at the ceiling behind him.

Remember - a thin human neck - a very delicate thing!

combination of pain in the nape of the neck and the upper section - quite a serious symptom that indicates some serious troubles.It is often added to them tinnitus, dizziness, nausea and vomiting unpredictable.Inability no pain to touch the back of the head may indicate occipital neuralgia.

ease the pain by yourself, you need to see a specialist to make sure that does not hide anything serious behind it in the near future.

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