12 August

Practising the veins .exercise complex for varicose veins

With varicose veins, as with any vascular disease, has great therapeutic value physical activity.Regular physical exercise will help to strengthen the veins of the lower extremities.As is known, the main components of muscle pump enclosed in the legs, thighs and buttocks, and the strengthening of their daily may prevent the progression of varicose veins.Specialists developed complex exercise for varicose veins, regularly performing which can reduce the symptoms of venous insufficiency, varicose veins slow the development and seriously reduce the risk of dangerous complications of varicose bolezni.Pri varicose veins exercise is recommended to perform at least two times a day: at10-15 minutes in the morning and evening.phlebologists often recommended to carry out physiotherapy, without removing the elastic stockings or bandages.

pulse during class should not exceed 100-120 beats per minute and breathing can only slightly more frequent, but do not become intermittent and heavy.To achieve this, the exerc

ise is performed continuously for more than 5 minutes, then make a break, too, for 5 minutes.All the exercise to be performed safely and smoothly.Before the start of classes need to sit a couple of minutes on his haunches.Each exercise is repeated as many times as is in force, on average, enough 4-8 repetitions.

Before charging, do preparatory physical exercise: lie down, put a cushion under the feet, the legs were elevated above the floor at an angle of 15-20 degrees, and relax.Lie as a few minutes, breathe evenly and deeply.After that, by removing the cushion, proceed to the main exercise.

- First, the well-known exercise - "BikeĀ» .Lying on your back, stretch your legs up or almost parallel to the floor (in this version is a more complex version of the exercise) and follow the movement of legs as if pedaling a bicycle.Move your feet at any pace, but do not overreach, waist and back must always be firmly pressed to the floor.

- The next exercise is done very slowly , imagine that you are meditating.Lie on the floor with legs extended, take a deep breath.On the inhale bend your right leg and pull your knee toward your chest.Exhaling, straighten your leg straight up.On the exhale the same and lower it straight.Repeat for the other leg.
If you perform an exercise is difficult, it is possible to break it down into several steps: tighten the knees to the chest with the hands 4-8 times

arms out to the side, lift the right leg, exhale, return to starting position as you exhale, repeat 4-8times for each leg

exhale lift straight legs to the vertical position, lower inspiratory, repeat 4-8 times

put his hands along the body, palms down, on the exhale lift legs while bending them at the knees, straighten your legs as you exhale tovertical position, again bend your knees and inhale, return to the starting position, repeat 6-8 times.

- Lying on your back, stretch your arms along the body.The starting position for this exercise - both legs are raised vertically.Rotate both feet at the same time inside, then outside.

- Lying on your back or sitting in a chair, alternately bend and unbend foot in the ankle joint, "the" - "by itself".Then also turns bend and unbend toes.

- Sitting on a chair, you can perform this exercise: push the legs together, put both feet on the socks.Lower the foot to the heel, and then raise them on their toes.Repeat 15-20 times.

- Stand with feet together, arms at your sides.On a deep breath slowly rise on your toes, as you exhale slowly return to starting position.

- Walk on the spot, without taking during the "walk" of socks from the floor.

- Again take the starting position lying on your back, stretch your arms along the body.Breathe evenly and alternately cross your legs, alternately changing them, simulating the movement of the "scissors" in the vertical and horizontal planes until a pronounced feeling of fatigue.

- Lying on your back, bend your knees, keeping the foot on the floor.Put your hands on your hips.Exhaling slowly, at the same time lift the head and torso, arms at the same time drag the knees or for them.On the exhale, slowly, return to starting position.

- Lie on your back, put your feet on the roller at an angle of 15-20 degrees.At the stop, hold a small pillow.Hands pull along the body.Slowly breathing, arch your lower back, severing the buttocks off the floor or mattress.Also, exhale slowly return to its original position.

- Lie on your back, pull your hands along the body.Bend your knees, not taking his foot off the floor.On a slow exhale pull your stomach.On a slow breath - inflate.

- Lie on your back, feet on the roller at an angle of 15-20 degrees.Bend the right leg, pulling the knee to the chest.At the same time with both hands firmly grasp the foot.Slowly start to straighten the leg straight up.Hands at this time, tightly clasping the leg, slip on the calf to the knee level.Slowly lower the leg.Hands tightly grasping his leg and slide the thigh.Repeat for the other leg.

- Vibrouprazhnenie : standing, rise on your toes so that the heel slightly off the floor about 1 cm, slumped to the floor, banging his heels.This physical exercise must be carried out without haste, not more than once per second.By doing 20-30 repetitions, you must be interrupted for 5-10 seconds.Then repeat the series of 20-30 repetitions again.It increases blood circulation in the veins of the legs.On the mechanism of its action vibrouprazhnenie akin to walking or running.However, it has an unbeatable advantage - doing this exercise, you give an additional impetus for the promotion of blood through the veins up.This exercise can be done several times during the day, anywhere: on the way to work, in the office, the store, the kitchen stove.

vibrouprazhnenie especially useful for those who have to stand for long periods on their feet, as well as for people suffering from chronic venous insufficiency after suffering a thrombosis of deep or superficial veins.

- Lie on your stomach, arms pressed to his thighs.Right leg raise as high as possible in the upper holding point for 2-3 seconds.Slowly lower.The same with the other leg.Repeat 4-10 times.

- Stand between two supports.Leaning with his right hand on the right footing, and his left hand on the left support, rise on tiptoes, then fall on heels.Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

- Last exercise - "swallow" Rise up, arms down along the body.As you inhale, lift your hands up and stand on your toes.On the exhale, stand in the position of the swallow.By repeating the change legs.Exercise repeat 15-20 times.

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