12 August

Goji Berries - panacea or a hoax?

What - Goji berries?

Tibetan barberry, Chinese Boxthorn - this is the Goji berry.Creeping shrub of the Solanaceae family is known in China for thousands of years.The plant in the wild is a vine, 4-8 meters in size.Branches in the thorns and juicy berries dark red color are poisonous - to take their hands can not, because you can damage the skin.

While picking berries under bushes spread a film and knock berries special sticks.The collected fruit is dried in the shade in air.After that Goji berries are safe and they can be used.On the palate, berry sweet, salty or sweet-sour.

to us in Rosiiju these miracle berries hit recently, but immediately got in the name of the people: red diamond, paradise berry berry, and even happiness and longevity, etc .. The popularity of these berries is growing now not only abroad, but also atour country, and their remarkable properties tried to imagine thousands of people.Some even claim, and not without reason, that found the secret of longevity of Tibetan.

How useful Goji berries?

Passion Goji berries can be called godzhimaniey.Therefore, we turn to the results of clinical and laboratory studies, the scientists who conducted.These studies have shown that goji berries can reduce the risk of cancer, they support the work of the liver and kidneys, as well as beneficial effects on blood pressure and lower blood sugar.

They also rejuvenate the body, reduce cholesterol, treat insomnia, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve vision, enhance immunity, normalize blood composition and condition of the bone marrow, restore hormonal balance and even help to reduce weight and improve sexual activity.An impressive list, is not it?But it can continue for a long time.For example, the dried goji berries are used to treat wet dreams, they remove pain in the lower part of the body, helps with vertigo, and amblyopia.

Goji Berries have a unique composition, which includes more than 20 minerals, including iron, iodine and zinc.Berries contain 18 amino acid, which is significantly greater than in the mother bee pollen, amino acids and eight human body does not produce.Goji Berries contain B vitamins and vitamin E. Goji Berry

does not contain sugar, but it should be noted that they are - the richest source of vitamin C: in 100g Goji contains 2500 mg, which is 500 times more than in citrus, andiron in these berries 15 times greater than contains spinach.And yet scientists have identified as part of goji berry polysaccharides necessary for the body, which is no longer found in any other food product.

unusually high concentration of useful elements to the body in a berry make it truly unique drug for the treatment of many human diseases.

Goji berry has antioxidant properties, it reduces the oxidation of cells and generally slows down the aging process.The large number of carotenoids in the berry helps to restore and improve eyesight, and contained in Goji betaine helps improve memory and supports brain in good shape.

And Goji berries have anti-inflammatory effect and are a good means of cancer prevention.Goji strengthen the nervous system and help to improve overall health and mood, and vitamins contained in the berries help to strengthen immunniteta person.

What is unique about Goji berries?

What is the popularity of Goji - it's just advertising, or the opening of a serious miraculous properties of berries?Goji is truly unique as it has a very powerful natural energy potential.Even in ancient Chinese healers, without modern equipment and capabilities to conduct a comprehensive analysis, we established the healing properties of Goji, thanks to the centuries-old observations.For many centuries, healers treated with Goji berries and drugs from her many illnesses.A modern research only confirmed the unique properties of this berry.

From ancient times to the present day in China, Goji berries are among the most effective tools that enhance sexual activity and increases libido.Goji Berries are used in all modern Chinese medicine centers, which specialize in such matters.

But it would be wrong to think that Goji berries - a panacea for all ills!No, not even a miracle berries will not be able to save mankind once for all diseases.But modern research, doctors and healers, as well as many thousands of people cured, tell your health the natural potential of berries, talk about this phenomenon Goji.And this is an indisputable fact!

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