12 August

Morning exercises women

All I want to sleep late in the morning, carefully preserving every minute to be able to soak up the bed.This is especially the desire is amplified in the cold season, when the morning is still dark.But, nevertheless, it is morning exercise accelerates the reduction of the body to a healthy state, increases the flow of blood and lymph circulation in all parts of the body and increases the rate of breathing, which activates the metabolism and quickly removes the waste products that have accumulated over the night.

systematic execution of morning exercises improves blood circulation, strengthens the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems, improves the digestive organs, contributes to a more productive activity of the cerebral cortex.

regular exercise during morning exercises strengthen the musculoskeletal system, overcome physical inactivity inherent in the modern person, improve health, enhance physical and mental performance.

This is especially important for women of any age, since it is phy

sical exercise is an important component of well-being not only beautiful, but also a slim figure.

Any diet without complex exercise does not give rapid and sustained effect, not to mention the fact that it is morning exercise will allow you to improve the condition of not only muscles but also your skin.

offer you a simple set of exercises for morning exercises .

Exercise 1

IPStanding.Walking in place or movement sweeping movements with the hands, fingers clenching and unclenching.

Exercise 2

IPStanding, feet shoulder width apart.The left hand through the side - up, right - behind the back, bend and stretch, breath, return to the starting position, exhale.Repeat, changing the position of the hands.

Exercise 3

IPalso.Go up on your toes, raise your hands through the sides up to bend - breath.Back in and out.n -. exhale.

Exercise 4

IPStanding, feet apart.The left hand - right up to the waist.The spring tilt to the right.Repeat the same in the other direction.

Exercise 5

IP Standing.Mach left foot back, hands - fell swoop forward, hands relaxed - breathe.Return to the starting position - exhale.Repeat the same with the right foot.

Exercise 6

IPalso.Rise on your toes, hands in the parties - breath.Lunge right foot, leaning forward, his hands touch the floor - exhale.Return to the starting position - a breath.The same - with the left foot.

Exercise 7

IPSitting on the floor, arms to the shoulders.Three resilient bending forward, holding hands on the shin - exhale.Straighten arms to the shoulders - a breath.The slopes gradually increase.The legs do not bend.Raising the trunk, straighten shoulders.

Exercise 8

IPSitting, hands behind fence.Deflection, go to stop, lying back, bend your right leg forward.Repeat, bending his left leg.Foot Socks delay.

Exercise 9

IPStanding, feet apart.Hands - forward, fingers intertwined.Rotate, torso left - inhale.Return to initial position- Exhale.The slope of the back, hands behind his head - inhale.Return to initial position- Exhale.The same in the other direction.

Exercise 10

IPStanding, hands on his belt.Jumping alternately on the right and left leg.Breathing is arbitrary.

During the morning exercises should follow certain rules of hygiene: possible recommended charging outdoors year round, it is most effective.When you run it in the room you need to ventilate the room, do exercises at an open window or pane.A set of exercises should be performed in an easy sportswear.

complexes in morning exercises should include exercises for all muscle groups, as well as exercises for flexibility, mobility and breathing exercises.Exercises like the whole charge, should not cause fatigue.

When performing morning exercises recommended to adhere to a specific sequence:

- jogging or walking (2-3 minutes)

- exercise on "stretching" with deep breathing,

- exercises for flexibility and mobility to the hands, neck, torsoand legs (3-4 minutes)

- strength exercises without weights or with small weights for arms, torso and legs (flexion and extension arms in emphasis lying, exercise with light dumbbells - 1.5-2 kg for women, for men2-3 kg, with expanders and rubber shock absorbers, etc.)

-. different bending and straightening of standing, sitting, lying down, squatting on one and two legs, etc.

-. light jumps or jumps (eg, rope) - 20-35 seconds

- jogging and walking (2-3 minutes), relaxation exercises with deep breathing.

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