12 August

Headache and self-massage

Use self-massage is so obvious that it has not been even speak.It is best to deal with them before or after the performance of a complex morning exercises.In chronic headaches effective self-massage is not only the head and neck, and other parts of the body, as it helps to relax muscles and relieve tension.However, before you start learning the techniques, you must familiarize yourself with the basic rules of their implementation.

Firstly, all the massage movements to be performed in the direction from the periphery to the center, i.e. in accordance with the location of the lymph vessels.Thus, hand massage should start with your fingers, gradually moving first to the elbow joint, and then to the shoulder.Accordingly, the need to massage the legs, starting at the feet and ending knee or hip joint, chest - from the middle of the chest towards the armpits, and neck muscles - from top to bottom towards the collarbone.

Secondly, at the area where the lymph nodes themselves, act prohibited.

And thirdly, you need to perform tricks to the massaged muscles are relaxed as much as possible.This can be achieved by selecting the most comfortable position of the body when the stability and comfort is simply not allowed to think about changing the starting position.

And now about the methods themselves.When self-massage is recommended to use only part of the techniques used by professional massage therapists.This stroking, rubbing, squeezing, kneading and effleurage.

1. Stroking performed with the hand with an open palm and fingers serried.At the same time we must try to brush catches as large areas of the body.The reception should be made slowly, rhythmic circular movements so that you had a pleasant feeling of warmth and peace.Stroking usually performed at the beginning and end of the session.In the first case, the massage movements should be directed from the periphery to the center, in the last - on the contrary, as the final movement of the session should be relaxing and soothing.

2. Grinding is mainly used when massaging large muscles, joints or organs ligament apparatus.This technique can be performed pads of four fingers, the base of the thumb or the inner surface of the palm.Massage movements should be longitudinal or circular.The pressure on the massaged tissue can be arbitrary (depending on the task), but we must remember that rubbing should not cause you discomfort.Admission is usually used in conjunction with the stroking.Such combination is effective in those cases when it is necessary to increase the blood flow to the joint and to restore its mobility.In addition, stroking, gently turning into intense rubbing, can protect the joints from micro traumas.

3. Acceptance by squeezing technique is strongly reminiscent of stroking.However, it should be done by providing a greater pressure on the massaged tissue.When performing this technique

muscle mass is captured throughout the brush and made the motion, outwardly resembling a fluid one-handed push-ups.This brush should move along the direction of the abdominal muscles to its base.To enhance the effect of massaging the hand can be a burden, putting her hand on the back side of the second hand.

4. Kneading is mainly used to massage large muscles and muscle groups.When performing this technique muscle to capture the entire brush, lightly pull and knead well.It is particularly important to remember that the massage movements should not cause you pain.Therefore, the pressure on the muscle you need not provide your fingertips, and the entire surface of the palm.

5. pat and effleurage are percussion techniques and massage to be performed throughout the palm or edge of a relaxed hand.Effleurage typically used when exposed to large muscles and muscle groups, taking into account the basic rules of massage.

And now a few recommendations for the use of massage techniques.

Self-massage of hands is better to start with the fingers and the back surface of palms.Basic techniques - stroking and rubbing.For the forearm muscles can be further used kneading and patting.This is followed by self-massage pereiti elbow and shoulder joints.In the area of ​​the shoulder and collarbone need to act carefully to avoid strong clicking on the fabric, as this area of ​​the body a large number of nerve endings and pain points.

Self-massage the lower leg should start with the foot and Achilles tendon, then go to the gastrocnemius muscle and the knee joint.Receptions recommended, sitting or lying on his back, with his leg massaged to deliver on a low support and raise and bend at a comfortable angle so that the lower leg muscles were completely relaxed.Massage the thigh muscles may be conducted in any convenient position.

gluteal muscles and the lumbar area should be massaged with two hands at the same time on both sides.It is more convenient to carry out reception of grinding carried out with the back of the hand or knuckles bent into the hands of a fist.The muscles of the abdomen and the chest is recommended to massage, lying on his back, stroking and rubbing techniques.

When persistent headaches particularly relevant self-massage of the head and neck.In this case you should first work on the muscles of the nape, then to the rear neck muscles, then go to massage sternocleidomastoid muscle and shoulder muscles.All movements should be directed downwards.Basic techniques - stroking and rubbing.They do not need to perform the whole hand, but only the middle and ring fingers of both hands.Particular attention should be paid to the mastoid - knobs located behind auricles.They should be massaged gently in a circular motion with two fingers of each hand.

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