14 August

Physiotherapy for the prevention and treatment of the common cold ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

If you are constantly tormented by a runny nose, then to strengthen the immune system, in addition to receiving special medications, we can recommend the following therapeutic gimnastiku.Nos - a unique human body is designed to cleanse and warm inhaled air.In addition, it passes through the nasal passages, the viruses and bacteria from inhaled air meet with the first "guardians" of our body - hairs and mucus of the nasal passages, which are a kind of system of self-generation interferon (an antiviral agent).

way to stimulate the production of its own interferon, as well as the prevention of a viral infection in the season of colds is recommended to wash the nasal passages and gargle with salt solution (1 tablespoon to 1 cup of warm boiled water) or a solution of eucalyptus (7-10 drops of alcohol tincture on1 cup of warm boiled water).Procedures desirable to carry out two times a day (morning and evening).

Valuable nasal breathing is very important for the prevention of colds.Therefore, the nasal passa

ges should always be free.And for that they need to "punch" with the help of special exercises, or swelling may interfere with normal breathing.Our breathing exercises are not very popular, but in vain!They really are very effective and are a good means of prevention of SARS.Hold them better at home, pre-ventilate the room.It is desirable in a sitting position (not to dizzy), slowly.

1. Make a slow breath through your mouth (as slowly as possible), and then exhale through the nose spurts, as if pushing it.The exercise is performed at a moderate pace (5 breaths - 5 breaths).

2. Make a normal breath left nostril (right finger pinch), and exhale through the right.Repeat 5 times in a calm pace.Then inhale right nostril (left cut off his finger), and exhale left.Repeat 5 times at a normal pace.

3. Tightly close the mouth with the palm of his right hand.The index finger of his left hand hold down the left nostril.Inhale and exhale only the right nostril at a normal pace (5 breaths - 5 breaths).Then close the right nostril and breathe only the left (5 breaths - 5 breaths).

4. First inhale slowly nose, then exhale at a normal pace mouth pursed lips.Repeat 5 times.

5. closed lips, cheeks inflate.Click on his cheeks, let the air out of his cheeks clenched lips.Inhale do at a normal pace through the nose (can be alternately left and right nostrils).Repeat the exercise 5 times.

In addition to these exercises it is advisable to carry out self-massage of the face (forehead, nose, wings, BTE regions) using gentle stroking and rubbing.Each movement should be repeated 10-15 times.

And those who suffer from chronic sinusitis, this property is recommended to add one more exercise: exhale through the nose to pronounce the sound "th-th-th."Such vibratory massage helps a lot of the maxillary sinus.

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