12 August

Acupuncture.Helping hands (this is useful to know )

suschestvovnii Everyone knows about the reflex zones and many are familiar with their location on the body.And everyone knows that acupressure helps get rid of many ailments.Holiday season is coming, and with it - digging, planting, weeding.Hands per day so tired that you can not sleep.Familiar?Here comes to the rescue and acupuncture.

Before performing acupressure to do a general hand massage.When performing general massage hands are stroking the basic techniques (superficial and deep) and grinding, which should be in the direction from the fingertips to the shoulder joint.Full body massage prepares the skin and subcutaneous tissue to the effects of the hands on the reflex zones.

During the acupressure on the hands should be noted that the zones are located on the inner surface of the hand, are more sensitive to pressure.Therefore massage techniques should be performed easily, without strong pressure.

Locations basic reflex zones to be used can be seen in risutke.These areas have an effect not onl

y on the hands, they diversify affect the entire body.For example, the zone 12 has a tonic effect, regulates the function of the gastrointestinal tract.Zones 6 and 11, when they are excited by acupressure to stimulate the function of the cardiovascular system, and so on. D.

Zone 1 is located in the middle of the palm of your hand on the line between doednim and ring fingers.Massage it helps to normalize blood pressure, relieves numbness in the fingertips restores motion in them in case of fatigue, helps relieve fatigue in the wrist.

Zones 3 and 4, if the bracelet, covering the wrist joint, Zone 3 - from the inside, Zone 4 - from the outside.Massage Zone 3 is used for insomnia, pain in the heart, heart rhythm disorders, inflammation of the wrist joint.Massage Zone 4 significantly reduces pain in the wrist joint, improves breathing in asthma.

Zone 5 is located on the finger above the zone 3 from the little finger.Massage it recommended for various emotional disorders, anxiety, fear, pain in the heart, cardiac arrhythmias associated with psychophysiological stress.

Zone 6 and 11 are located on both sides of the forearm for 3 fingers above the wrist crease.Zone 6 is located on the inner surface of the forearm, massage it relieves overall stress, improves the mobility of hand and their performance.Zone 11 is located on the outer surface of the wrist massage it effective for tinnitus, insomnia, excessive sweating of the hands, numbness of fingers.Both zones are very effective for pain in the elbow and wrist joints.

zone 8 located on the inner surface of the forearm ulna folds in the middle.Massage it is used for pain in all joints of the hands.

zone 9 is located in the outer corner of the elbow crease.Massage exerts its analgesic effect in inflammation of the shoulder and elbow joints.

Zone 10 is located on the 3 fingers below the zone 9. Massage of this zone is used for insomnia, pain in his hands.

zone 12 located on the hand between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones, that is at the apex of the triangle formed by lines drawn through the index finger and thumb.This is particularly important area.In addition to restorative actions that massage is effective in its violation of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchial asthma, allergic conditions, dental pain, weakness.

Zone 14 is located on the outer surface of the shoulder joint, with a raised hand in this place forms fossa.Massage it is used for pain in the shoulder, shoulder bruises, pain in the neck and interscapular region.

Now let's talk about the massage themselves at the hands of their fatigue, numbness at the fingertips, with the appearance of pain in them.

hand fatigue often develops when performing long monotonous work, in which the main burden falls on the hands and shoulders (bulkhead vegetables, milking by hand weeding, typing on a typewriter, and so on. D.).Often after such an intense work in the evenings there is a pain in the hands, and insomnia.To avoid this condition, at the first sign of fatigue in the hands of a break between work necessary to acupressure reflex zones 12,6,11,14.Self-massage can be done through clothing.And after work, come home and do the full body massage techniques using hands stroking and rubbing, and then acupressure same reflex zones.

To eliminate pain is a common and effective acupressure reflex zones 12,8,14.If the pain is attached to the nervousness and insomnia, do not forget about the massage zones 3, 4, 9. Massage is performed in these cases calming method, since a smooth surface strokes selected area with a further intensification of pressure on the skin until the muscles relax (the thumb padgently enters the skin tissue).When relaxed tissues reached, the finger should be delayed for zone 5 - 6 seconds, then slowly return to starting position.The procedure should be repeated 3-4 times.

There are times when the pain increases at night, it disrupts sleep, felt numbness in the fingers.In this state, only the massage of reflex zones of the hands is not enough.We still hold massage reflex zones 1, 2, 3 on the back of the neck and suprascapular region (see. Fig.).Zone 1 is located on both sides of the neck in the region of the spine with two fingers of its centerline.Massage of this zone is used for pain in the hands, dizziness, tinnitus, trigeminal neuralgia.

Zone 2 is located in a recess of the spine between the spinous processes of the 7th cervical vertebra and the 1st thoracic.To find vertebra spinous process, tilt your head, it will be more than other processes to perform under the neck skin.It is very important reflexogenic zone: massage it is used not only for pain in the hands, but also for dizziness, high blood pressure, shortness of breath.

Zone 3 is in the center of the top of the blade over its crest.If the patient put his hand on the shoulder joint, the index finger of his pad is placed over the area.Massage of this zone will reduce the pain in the hand joints, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue around the shoulder girdle.

Do not forget about medicinal herbs.In the winter, at joint pains well help compress brewed and pressed series.A summer-compress of green birch leaves on Zone 3 and 4. In the subacute period of inflammation in the joints it is recommended to make a poultice of leaves and flowers of lime 4 tablespoons of leaves and colors scald with boiling water, wrapped in gauze, and as a poultice applied to the joint.

again draw your attention to the fact that the massage and self-massage can be carried out only after a medical examination and consultation with a physician.

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