12 August

Strengthens the immune system .Acupressure for the prevention of colds and flu

Our immune system is weakened by stress, magnetic storms, the impact of adverse physiological factors, hypothermia, trauma, burns, blood loss in women during menstruation, for all people on a diet to lose weight.It is in these times you need to provide additional support to the protective forces of the body, especially in the high season of viral infections.

for emergency prevention of colds and flu experts recommend the use of drugs that increase the production of interferon in the body.

• Acupressure protect against colds and flu, strengthen immunity and enhance the body's resistance to infections.It is performed three times a day.The tip of the index finger make 9 rotary movements in a clockwise direction and rotational movements 9 counterclockwise, pressing down slightly on the desired skin area.Paired point massage with both hands simultaneously.

Location reflex points for acupressure:

1 - on the forehead in the middle of hairline
2 - in the middle of the nose
3 - at the inner ends of the ey

4 - on the sides of the nose wings
5 - at the base of a small cartilage projection ears,covering the outer ear canal
6 - in the pit of the mastoid, which is felt behind and below the earlobes
7 - on the midline of the body in the occipital fossa on the finger above the boundaries of hair growth
8 - at the junction of the neck in the back, where tilthead palpable spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra
9 - on the midline of the body in the hole between collarbones
10 - two fingers (about 4 cm) below the 8
11 - on the back of the hand at the base of wrinkles that appear between appressed largeand forefingers
12 - on the foot at the outer corner of the nail of the thumb hole.

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