12 August

Morning exercises .What is so useful for morning exercises ?

your usual morning worse than any nightmare - the sound of the alarm clock functions like a shot, a warm blanket does not want to let go, and his eyes were categorically refuse to open and see the world.And even on the street and on public transport you continue to fight desperately with a dream, with its own lethargy and apathy, quietly hate this time of day, and those who looks fresher and fresher as a result to gradually dissolve into the monotony and routine of working budney.Prodolzhat feel the charmdawn hours, filled with energy and strength, strive towards the next new day, full of events and surprises, not so difficult.Against all odds, get up early for 10-15 minutes and do exercises ...!

keep yourself in good physical shape is much easier on a daily basis than once a month to exhaust himself to exhaustion exercise and diets.Exercise in the morning charging energy and vivacity.

What happens in the body during morning exercises?

First, significantly increase the flow of impulses that come from

the receptors of the motor, vestibular, visual, auditory and other analyzers, and these impulses are helping to strengthen and mobilize the work of cortical and subcortical parts of the CNS that is faster to eliminate the braking condition, normal after sleep.

Secondly, if the practice regularly, then under the influence of physical activity in the body improves blood and lymph circulation and blood flow to the heart muscle, accelerating venous blood flow, all of which again eliminates stagnation after a dream.In addition, carries health benefits because it improves the compensatory function of the cardiovascular system, improves lung function, increases the gas exchange in the lungs, activated acid recovery processes, plus the arterial blood is quickly saturated with oxygen, the muscles become more resistant, and joints - amovable.

usual gymnastics complex consists of 10-15 exercises, selected with regard to engage all muscle groups: flexion-extension of the arms and legs, circular movements and pan, tilt and rotation, walking, jumping, and running of the different starting points:standing, sitting, lying down - each exercise should be part of your charge.

your mates can be dumbbells, a ball or a stick, but, in principle, you can do without them.Keep in mind that the pace of the exercises (as well as their number, complexity, number of repetitions, etc...) - An individual matter, guided by your breath, which should be free and smooth.By the way, good morning program include special breathing exercises for relaxation and punctuate their heavy loads.

need to do exercises before breakfast, in a well-ventilated room, and in summer, ideally - gymnastics in the open air, which also refreshes and invigorates.Moreover, it is not necessary to wear down themselves some power exercises, from which just tired enough small jogging, stretching exercises and some respiratory - and be in good shape.

doctors recommend for choosing a particular set of physical exercises are usually dependent on age and sex.

strong half, for example, they are advised to include strength exercises, active use of dumbbells, expanders, rubber bandages, but do not get involved in the static voltage.

gentle creatures sure to focus on the development of flexibility and strengthen your abdominals, pelvic floor.

Elderly strength exercises should be avoided, as well as the fast pace, to give preference to breathing exercises and self-massage of the neck and head.

Babies doctors recommend restorative physical exercises, which develop good posture and flexibility and coordination, strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, neck, back, arch.

After charging is completed, you have to come to normal after 3-5 minutes, by the way, this is also an indication that you did everything right.Easy muscle pain if it appears, be sure to disappear in two days.But, believe me, it is a paltry price to pay for that every day will play for you the most amazing colors and your harmony, freshness and discipline will command respect and admiration.

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