12 August

Charging for older ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

The benefits of physical activity is widely spoken by doctors and healers.Gymnastic exercises are recommended in young and old vozraste.Predlagaem you a set of exercises, applicable elderly people in China and Southeast Asia.This gymnastic complex is so well established in the prevention of various "senile sores" that has become literally a part of the life of almost every man around 50 years of age or older.

addition to improving resistance to impacts meteotropnym this gymnastics is widely used in the treatment of certain diseases of the cardiovascular system and nervous diseases as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.The large volume of this set of exercises Chinese folk doctors recommend during the recovery period.So effective is this set of exercises.

starting position (Ip) - standing slightly apart and bent legs.Arms bent at the elbows and put forward, palms opened, facing each other, fingers separated, his head slightly lowered.
exercise: alternating rocking trunk in h

and with the transfer of the body's center of gravity from one foot to the other, while a slow gradual abduction of one hand in the opposite direction (repulsion imitation palm of an imaginary wall).The second hand makes the smooth rotational movement in the brush, gradually turning the palm up, as it were, takes the imaginary dish.The movement is repeated rhythmically in one direction and then in another direction.And arm can withdraw in the direction of inclination, and in the opposite direction.

Ip- Standing slightly apart and bent legs, arms bent at the elbows slightly out to the sides and extended forward, hands unfolded, turned palms down, fingers separated, head Semi-underslung.
exercise: helical slow torso rotation in both directions at the same time promoting a smooth hands behind his back in the direction of rotation.The rotation is carried out mainly in the lumbar region and reminds motion mower.

GAME puppets .
Ip- Standing slightly apart and bent legs, the body is relaxed and slightly bent at the waist, head down, arms relaxed and hanging along the trunk.Performing the exercise: polurasslablennoy alternately lifting the legs bent at the knee, while the rise of the same name by a relaxed hand.The relaxed, hanging brush rises to the level of the head, followed by the same name bent, a foot.Between the rising and brushing his knee as if there is a common thread.While lifting the arms and legs head slightly tilted back.

fencers lunge .
Ip- Standing on half-bent right leg, leaning back, left leg straight, arms bent at the elbows, palms open outward, fingers are placed to the side.
Performing exercises: swinging torso, followed by transferring the body center of gravity forward on the opposite leg (forward thrust).In phase dexterity of hands lowered to the level of the stomach, palms turned upward, and slowly, slowly make a lunge forward, gradually shifting the center of gravity of the body on the right foot to the left.During lunge forward half-bent at the elbows at the same time displayed on and turn gradually in the course of the motion, palms outwards.Pushing his hands on an imaginary wall, lean back and gradually shift the center of gravity of the body on the right foot again and do a reverse cycle and arm movements to.Same n -. in another direction.

Ip- Sitting on a chair (stool) with spaced apart legs and maximally bent forward (exhale).Both arms bent at the elbows slightly out to the sides, hands loosely clenched into fists, index fingers extended.
exercise: taking a deep breath, straighten up slowly at the same time, turning slightly to the side, throwing up his hands on both sides and lifting the bent leg to a position parallel to the floor and slightly higher.When breeding in the hands of the hand slowly opened and rotated out.Turns should be lifted to the side legs.

Do the exercises slowly and softly at first for 10 minutes.Gradually bring (by adding minutes per week) duration of employment up to 30 minutes.Depending on the state of health between exercises pause to rest 15 to 40 seconds.For people over 60 years of heart rate during training should not be increased by more than 50% from baseline.And younger people need to focus on their health.After finishing an exercise, walk around the room, breathing calmly, 3-5 minutes.Do the exercises in the morning (instead of charge) and in the evening for a couple of hours before bedtime.

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