12 August

How to treat arthritis ?( Recipes of traditional medicine )

Osteoarthritis - a rather widespread disease of the joints.Osteoarthritis suffers a huge part of our population, mostly in the age 50-60 years, and sometimes even at a younger age.The disease initially affects the cartilage, which gradually loses its integrity and becomes thinner, may delaminate into fibers.In the last stages of the disease the bone, cartilage covers that can fully expose you.Together with the changes that occur in the cartilage, and bone changes, which are beginning to appear microscopic cracks.In the articular cavity due to small fragments of the damaged cartilage may be repeated inflammatory reaktsiya.Sredi reasons why the disease occurs, it is necessary to allocate especially aging.The impetus for the development of osteoarthritis may serve as joint injuries, professional activity.For example, arthrosis of the knee joint of the miners, football players, arthrosis of the ankle joint in dancers.

1. Prepare the collection: take 1 tablespoon mint leaves, hop cones, grass, yarrow, calen

dula flowers, grass cudweed, celandine herbs, licorice root.All grind in a coffee grinder or grinder and mix well.2 tablespoons of the collection put in a thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for the night.Take the infusion during the day by 100-150 ml for half an hour before meals.The infusion can add honey or jam.The course of treatment - 3-4 months.

2. 50 g of mullein flowers pour 200 ml of vodka or 100 ml of alcohol.Infuse 10 days in a dark place, and then strain joints rub 2 times a day.

3. Take dry sand (preferably large), heat it in the oven and pour into small oblong bags.These pouches are applied to the sore spot for warming.The sand contains a lot of impurities of various metals and minerals, in this - the secret healing power of sand.

4. Useful for painful joints rubbing pine oil.Pre-need to warm up the joints warm compress of sea salt, then rub the oil into the joint, put compress paper and wrap a warm woolen cloth. (Carry out the treatment is not more than 2 times per day).

5. Therapeutic effect on the joints provides an ointment that can be prepared at home: Take equal parts of fresh leaves of stinging nettles, green juniper berries and sheep oil.Leaves and berries are crushed and combine with butter, mix well.Finished ointment stored in a dark glass container in the refrigerator.Ointment rubbed into aching joints in the morning and evening.

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