12 August

Exercises " Taiji Qigong " for relieving headaches ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

To restore the circulation of energy in the body, it is necessary to perform a particular exercise cycle on a daily basis.So wellness area, at the same time relieving the person of headaches tedious considered dao yin included in gymnastics system called "Taiji Qigong." massage exercise for the ear shells .
two fingers of both hands (thumb and index) massage the ears - first up, then down.Exercise should be repeated 18 times.At the same time your breathing should be strictly uniform.After graduating from massage, close your ears, the inner surface of the hands, fingers and hook the back of the head.Then the index fingers of both hands, hit the back of the head three times.
meaning of exercise is that the ears are a large number of active points associated with internal organs.This massage stimulates their work, beneficial effect on the entire body.Tapping on the occipital region of the head helps to reduce noise in the ears and dizziness, typical for tension headaches.

massage exercise for the area of

​​the sinuses .
base of the thumb upward movements rub the nose from the nostrils to the end of the nose up until you feel a distinct warmth.Then the index fingers of both hands 18 times massage the side of the nose to the inner corner of the eye.Thus it is necessary to make sure that your fingers are not cut off from the skin surface.
facial massage the nose activates the acupuncture points related to the major organs of the human body - the lungs, heart and duodenum.

massage exercise for the region eyes.
Close your eyes and relax completely.Then fingertips 18 times gently swipe the centuries from the outer corner of the eye to the inside and vice versa.Then, without opening his eyes, to 18 times the eyeballs move from right to left and up and down.
Exercise helps to activate the nervous system and gives energy boost.In addition, the movement of the eyeballs strengthen eyesight.

massage exercise for face.
tips of four fingers 18 times swipe across the face from top to bottom, pressing lightly on the skin, like when washing.
massage exercise for the person leads to a state of harmony of energy flows, which promotes removal of brain strain.

Static exercise for the neck muscles.
Sit in a chair and relax.Then cross your fingers at the back, lift your head and look at the ceiling.Use your fingers to create a resistance movement trying to lower his head back.In this case you need to feel the tension of the front of the neck muscles.For the first time only three repetitions, and then employment as their number can be increased to nine.Greater number of repeats is usually not required.
static exercises for the neck muscles relieves tension with cervical osteochondrosis and consequences of cervical spine fractures.In addition, it normalizes blood circulation, lymph and spinal fluid into the cervical spine and improves blood flow to the brain.

This and similar exercises are common in orthopedic practice, where there are several options for their implementation: for the rear and side of the neck muscles.For training linked fingers back of the neck muscles should be placed on the forehead.In the development of the lateral muscles is enough to create resistance to movement using the same hand.

massage exercise for shoulder joints.
Sitting on a chair, with one hand carefully rub the opposite shoulder, making a circular motion.It is necessary to describe the 18 laps.
shoulder joint area Massage relieves headaches, normalizes energy metabolism and improves circulation.

massage exercise for the joints of the knees .
Sitting on a chair with both hands in a circular motion massage the knee joints.It is necessary to describe the 100 laps.
meaning of exercise.Exercise for the knee not only relieves pain and swelling, but also helps to calm the central nervous system.

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