12 August

You have sore feet ?When varicose veins

millions of women, unfortunately, know about the varicose veins on their own experience: swollen feet hurt, feet like lead are poured - and so every evening.And in the winter, because of the heat in the rooms, warm boots tight these pains are aggravated.

vein problems begin, if the blood flow from the legs to the heart does not function properly.Blood must "swing" from the bottom up, and that there is no backflow in the vessels have valves.If these valves do not close properly, blood begins to stagnate in the veins of the legs, because they, from time to time, are stretched.This is because the veins and swelling.Poor performance of the valves in the vessels ultimately leads to chronic disease - varicose veins and thrombosis.

Winter cold cause vessels to narrow and blood flow - to decrease.But as soon as you walk into a warm room, there is just the opposite: sharply veins dilate, and blood begins to circulate quickly.Because of these veins in temperature will start to hurt.Therefore, we must carefully

consider the choice of footwear.Winter shoes should be warm enough to not feel cold feet, but it does not prevent them from overheating.

When you already have varicose veins should avoid frequent trips to the bath, do not sit too long in the hot tub, to abandon the warm blankets and hot-water bottles on the feet.And yet - it is not necessary to wear all day, high-fitting boots, as they easily stagnant heat.The room should be changed to a comfortable outdoor shoes, office.

Woman with rasshreniem veins should avoid long standing in one place.If we have to stand in the transport or in the queue, make sure you shifted from one foot to the other.Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes - is a huge burden on their feet.

sure to think about the prevention of varicose veins.While the legs are healthy, they should take care.We offer simple exercises that will not take much of your time:

set of exercises for the prevention of varicose veins

- Sitting in front of the TV, pull the front legs and the feet alternately pull socks by themselves and for themselves.Repeat this exercise 15-20 times

- A couple of steps walk on tiptoe, then stop and slowly lower your heels.Repeat this exercise 10 times

- Lay on the floor in a few laps rope or cord and then "unwind" its toes round and round.Do this exercise 10 times for each leg.

Of course, in the winter in your spare time so I want to just lie on the couch or sit in a comfortable chair in front of TV.But we need to think of their feet!

- Easy daily walk disperse stagnant blood.

- For women who suffer from varicose veins, are very useful swimming, brisk walking, cycling or long skiing.

- It is necessary to drink as often as possible - a day at least two liters of fluid.Due to this, the blood becomes more attenuated.

- to blood could climb better, every day in the evening to lie on for 2-3 minutes with raised (eg on a wall) feet.And while you sleep better at his feet lay a cushion, so that they are raised.

- Good help to relieve the pain in his legs and just feel better for varicose veins water treatments.Fill the bath by a third cold (but not ice-cold!) Water for ten minutes is sweeping the bath water.If you do this procedure may seem difficult to fulfill, try two or three times a day just to wash his feet in cold water.The jet thus has to go on foot up to the knee (!!).Irritation cold constricts the veins and causes the veins to operate the valves.

And, most importantly, discover the symptoms of varicose veins, be sure to consult a doctor.Any disease is important to start to heal in time!

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