12 August

Kidneys .The role of the kidneys in the human life.How to prevent kidney disease

Normally, the human body has two kidneys.They are located on either side of the spinal column.The right kidney is located slightly below the left top as it is bordered by the liver.The kidneys are bean-shaped.The dimensions of one kidney is approximately 10-12 cm. In length, 5.6 cm. In width and 3 cm. Thick.adult kidney weighs about 120-300 g.Pomimo formation of kidney urine perform many other important functions:

1. endocrine function of the kidneys - lies in the synthesis of renin (a hormone that helps the body to retain water and regulate blood volume), erythropoietin - specific hormone stimulating red blood cell production in the bone marrow and prostaglandins - biologically active substances regulate blood pressure.

2. metabolic functions of the kidneys.In the kidney, there is a transformation and synthesis of many substances necessary for normal functioning of the body (such as the conversion of vitamin D to its most active form - vitamin D3

3. Regulation of acid-base balance -. Maintain normal kidney ratio of alkaline and acid in blood plasma component byallocation of excess hydrogen ions (H +) and bicarbonate (HCO3-).

and how we take care of the kidney? Spring and autumn wind, drafts, clothing for the weather cooling down and many other factors are the reason that the kidneys may startbad work, make itself felt pain in the lumbar region.

for normal kidney function need to drink daily 2 liters of water, is water. it is useful to drink fruit drinks and teas that help eliminate excess fluids from the body, such as cranberry juice, cranberry, green tea, decoction of leaves of parsley with the addition of the taste of lemon and honey. This drink largely prevents and formation of kidney stones.Coffee, sodas irritate the kidneys.Excessive consumption of mineral water, especially without medical need, can cause the formation of kidney stones.Beer dehydrates the body and often causes a malfunction of the kidneys, so the beer in any case can not quench their thirst.The strong negative effect on the kidneys has alcohol that destroys kidney cells, which sometimes leads to acute renal failure.

Any chronic disease significantly interfere with the proper working of the kidneys.Especially dangerous hypertension, overweight, respiratory diseases, diseases of the liver and biliary tract.Rough skin and cracked heels are often evidence that your kidneys are experiencing great difficulties in the work, which has not yet been manifested more seriously.Hormonal contraceptives are even more dangerous for the kidneys, as well as chemical (non-natural) drugs.All of these components are poison for the kidneys and cause the kidneys to work on their neutralization, as well as the liver.

Most of all kidney like movement.Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle contributes to stagnation, improper water exchange, as well as the formation of kidney stones.This occurs also because the salt exchange is disturbed, salt and settles poorly displayed in the form of kidney stones.Oseltamivir best physical exercise for kidney - to walk around the room on all fours.This position facilitates the work of the kidneys and the proper discharge of urine.

Academic Medicine warns of careful handling of table salt, which our body must come a day not more than 5 g, but it's just not happening.On average we consume 10-20 grams of salt, and many even more.It is harmful to the kidneys Private salty foods: chips, a variety of crackers and fish to beer (two "shock" in the kidneys of the product at once!), Dried squid and other "goodies".No less harmful smoked sausages, smoked fish and meat, koservirovannye vegetables, seasonings containing glutamate, which supposedly improves the taste of any food.

One minute is pumped through the kidneys one liter of blood, and a day that is easy to calculate, 1700 liters.Patients colds kidneys do not cope well with this work, making it difficult for treatment of cardio - vascular diseases.

Most women suffer from kidney disease, and it begins during pregnancy.Men suffering from kidney disease most often as a result of diseases of the prostate, prostate adenoma, etc. D. Thin, tall, adynamic people are more prone to kidney disease.Fat people and their kidneys "cover" protective capsule fat, which helps to keep them in the normal position.In thin this capsule is very small, and the possible threat of renal ptosis.

Diet for kidney proper operation must be such as to promote the excretion of body fluids.These are foods like watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, apples, honey, cabbage, radish, sweet peppers, sea buckthorn, red vegetables and fruits, which contain large amounts of vitamin A. They are all seafood, saltwater fish.

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