17 August

Exercise therapy after hand fracture ( in the shoulder girdle )

from injuries and fractures no one is immune.In such situations, it is necessary to immediately contact a traumatologist.The doctor put in plaster.In severe cases, treatment can be long and even with surgical vmeshatelstvom.Pri this fracture is accompanied by any injury to adjacent tissue, swelling, bruising, damage to muscles, ligaments, joint capsule, etc.To achieve faster recovery, we should not neglect the physical therapy.It is aimed at restoring full range of motion in joints, strengthening muscles.Moreover, exercise therapy is often prescribed in the first days after the injury.First, apply gentle exercise, designed to reduce swelling and bruising, improve circulation.Then add exercises to strengthen muscles.Later include resistance exercise, weights and objects.

offer you some exercise.
All exercises should be done so as not to cause pain in the injured arm.

Starting position - standing or sitting.

1. Wiggle patient hand, make circular motions with his shoulders, lifted his shoulders (like "w

2. Bend your elbows with stress, make a circular motion in the shoulder joint.
3. Raise your hands through the sides up, omitted.Raise your arms forward and up, drop.
4. Put the patient's hand to a healthy and pick them up.
5. ¬ęchop wood" from shoulder sore hand to the opposite knee.
6. Raise patient's hand up, "pat the hair."
7. Raise patient's hand up and touch the opposite shoulder.
8. Brush folded into a "lock", and straighten your arms forward.
9. Bend the elbows, brushes touch the shoulder and elbows to bring together.
10. Hands omitted along the body.Make up brushes sliding movement armpits on the lateral surface of the body.
11. Do claps her hands in front of him and a direct hands.
12. Make a circular motion to direct the hands relaxed.

Starting position - standing with a stick in a cookie.

1. Raise the stick up.
2. Stick upright in one hand outstretched in front of him.To shift the stick from one hand to the other, making a motion with his free hand to the side, up and in front of him.
3. Stick to put one end of the floor, the patient hand to hold on to it and do the movements as a lever.
4. Stick to keep in front of him with both hands stretched forward, and make a circular motion.
5. Stick to hold in both hands.Hands are lowered.Making "pendulum" motion in one or the other side.
6. Hold the stick in front of you at arm's length.Brushes are brought together.Twirl the stick as "the mill", fingering hand.
7. Take a stick and hand the patient to do it to move forward and backward (as a "locomotive").

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