12 August

Gidroprotsedury and akvagimnastika against obesity

Various gidroprotsedury akvagimnastika and play an important role in the treatment of obesity.They actively improve metabolism and boosts the protective and adaptive reactions.Many of their "forced" to work energetically almost all muscle groups.

most simple and accessible way, with which to begin gidroprotsedury is sponging the body with a wet towel, then wipe dry with a body (until light redness).Next proceed to partial or total douche cool water whose temperature is gradually (for example, every 2-4 days) is reduced.

very helpful and overall a cool bath (with water temperature 33-30 ° C) of not more than 5 minutes.After leaving the bath body rubbing with a towel.You can carry out and easy self-massage.Widely used all kinds of soul (Charcot, circular) at a pressure of 1-3 bar.Water use at the shower should also be cool.The course of treatment consists of 10 to 15 procedures that can be taken daily.

particularly effective swimming in the sea or river.Sun, air and water - the best remedies for the ne

rvous system and the whole organism.

Exercises for obesity

offer some exercise.

1. In waist-deep water along the bottom are like 1-2 minutes, changing the speed of movement.Then begin helping the movement by doing hands simultaneous and alternate strokes.Do the same when moving ladders, steps left and right sideways, backwards.

2. Standing waist-deep in the water, keep your hands on the belt.Taking a deep breath, mouth, sit down so that the head is completely immersed in water and then vigorously exhale through the mouth and partly through the nose.Repeat 8-10 times.

3. Standing in chest-deep in the water with your feet shoulder width apart, arms lift the sides, palms forward.Without moving his feet from their seats, turn the body to the full left, then right.In the initial position, breathe in, while turning the torso - exhale.Repeat 8-10 times.

4. Standing to his chest in the water, raise your arms forward, palms together.Take arms straight back to the full so as to connect the blade - a breath, then join hands in front of him - exhale.Do - 8-10 times.

5. Standing up to his chest in water, join hands in "lock" at the waist, turning the palms facing up.Flexing arms at the elbows, raise and lower your arms, keeping them near the body.Do 20 to 30 movements.

6. Standing waist-deep in the water, arms slightly bent at the elbows, dilute to the side, palms down.Do 10-15 jumping up with simultaneous movements grebkovyh hands down.Try to jump out of the water as possible.In the starting position - a breath at the time of jumping - exhale.

What should pay attention to?

obese patients, especially the elderly return to severe manifestations of atherosclerosis, physical labor and sports physical therapy should always be dispensed by your doctor.If you have pain in the heart, as well as excessive palpitations, severe shortness of breath exercises should be stopped until the next doctor's advice.

Catching physical therapy, one must strive to comply with several mandatory rules: training should be carried out at least three times per week (not counting, of course, a daily exercise program on hygienic gymnastics);the minimum time for them - 30 minutes.During each session, so it spent no less than 300 kcal.

This watch heart rate.It can be determined by the following simple formula: 200 minus age in years.So, if you are 60 years of age, the allowable heart rate during training should not exceed 140 beats per minute (200-60).Increased heart rate in excess of this figure shows the unsatisfactory results of this type of exercise therapy.In this case it is necessary to reduce the intensity of your workouts, or to switch to another type of physical activity.

And more.You should always remember that the chronic shortage of physical activity increases the risk of premature development of atherosclerosis of the heart and blood vessels, the brain, which is fraught with dangerous complications.

is believed that the physiological need of the body in motion is a day for 10-15 thousand steps, or 5-7 km.If for some reason this plan is not made, it shall be compensated for an evening stroll the length of 20-30 minutes.

How to conduct hardening of the body?

And those who are predisposed to be overweight, and those who are obese III-IV degree, should be tempering the body.When a favorable opportunity should be as much as possible to take a walk in the fresh air and walk barefoot in the summer, make it a rule daily rubdown with a wet towel or a special sponge.The water temperature is gradually reduced.Very effective daily feet immersion in cold water (temperature 18-20 ° C).The first three days of the duration of the procedure 1 minute, second - 2 minutes, and others - 4 minutes.Maximum duration - 6 minutes.The water temperature can be gradually lowered to 14 ° C.Each procedure must be terminated by rubbing the legs with a towel.

effective means of tempering is a normal shower.Begin to take it with water temperature 30-32 ° C and brought to 20 ° C.The duration of the procedure for 1-3 minutes.Bathing can start with the water temperature is not lower than 20 ° C, and after habituation for several days can be reduced to 16-18 ° C.Duration of treatment - 5-10 minutes.Behavior in water - active.

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