12 August

Physiotherapy.Breathing exercises in bronchial asthma

Breathing exercises in one form or another is recommended for all patients with asthma, breathing practices as yavdyayutsya most effective methods of treatment of bronchial astmy.Dyhatelnaya gymnastics in one form or another is recommended for all patients with bronchial asthma.In this disease, you need to learn to breathe superficially, doing deep breaths, because they irritate the bronchial tubes receptors, which can enhance the attack.In order to be able to attack during calm them down, you need to learn how to make moderate exhalation.Then hold your breath for 4-5 seconds.The next breath and then, too, must be superficial.It is necessary to strive for the elimination of forced exhalation to exhale was accomplished only under the influence of elastic recoil of the lungs.At the same time it is necessary to follow the elongation of the breath.You can also use other options breathing exercises.

easiest method to develop a more deep breathing is the inflation of the balloons, for maximum effect you need

to inflate the ball as long as he will not burst.Suffice it to inflate two balloons on a daily basis.This breathing exercise helps make breathing deeper and strengthen the diaphragm.In order to strengthen the diaphragm can be made and these breathing exercises:

- Put your hands on your stomach for the best ribs and make the slow, deep breath.During inhalation it is necessary to stick out belly

from this hand slightly diverge in hand, since the diaphragm out ahead.
As you exhale, pull your abdomen - the diaphragm goes back and hands reunited again.Repeat no more than 3-4 times, then breathe normally.

In order to normalize the tone of the muscles of the bronchi performed breathing exercises with the pronunciation of sounds.Make moderate breath and squeezed his hands chest in the middle and lower sections, on a slow exhale pronouncing those sounds, "pf", "ppp", "brrroh", "brrh", "drroh", "drrah", "brruh".For the duration of the exhalation watch with a stopwatch.In the first classes should not exceed 4-5 seconds, but gradually it should be increased up to 12-25 seconds.Especially long may sound "rrr": in the first days of classes - 5 seconds, then - up to 30.
The same exercise can be carried out, clutching his chest with a towel: a slow exhale, pull the ends of the towel, saying at the same time sounds 6-10.

If there is phlegm, it is necessary to withdraw slowly, pressing down on his chest, in synchronization with the cough shock.

All asthmatics useful to learn a simple set of exercises that strengthen the respiratory muscles and the muscles of the chest and makes breathing easier.To carry out their recommended twice a day.

# Inhale do through the nose, and the air out through your mouth, folded his lips.Exhalation must be 2-3 times longer inhalation.

# Starting position - sitting on a chair, back straight, pressed to the back, feet shoulder width apart, hands on his knees.Relax quietly inhale and exhale air.Do not rush to do the next breath.Gradually adding 1-2 seconds pause between exhalation finish and inhalation followed with 3.2 to 5, then 10, then 15 seconds.Repeat 2-3 times.

# Starting position - the same, only the arms down along the body.Breathe in the air.Doing exhale, bend your right leg and helping himself with his hands, pull your knee toward your chest.Return to starting position.Repeat 5-6 times for each leg.

# Breathe.Exhaling, bend as you can to the right (back straight!), Sliding your right hand down, as if you want to pick something up from the floor.Perform 5-6 tilts to each side.

# Doing inhale, raise your hands to the armpits.On the exhale, pull your hands up and then relaxed lower.Do not hold your breath.Do exercise 3-4 times.Close your eyes and relax for 30-40 seconds.

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