12 August

Myopia.Exercises for the treatment of myopia ( nearsightedness )

all around, except for the nearest objects spread out before your eyes?Perhaps you develop myopia.Opticians called a state of myopic eyes.Why is it there?

reason of myopia is that the muscles of your eyes are strained.More precisely, in a tense condition of the oblique muscles encircling the eyeball.At that moment, when you are looking at close objects, these muscles are compressed and can not relax when you need to look into the distance.Understand this simple fact, do not panic and do not take this defect of both attack and illness.

Many myopic category of highly sensitive people with time there is a much more dangerous obsessive desire to constantly check how their vision deteriorated.Although effective it would be to learn how to get rid of eye strain - an eternal companion myopic.Learning this is not easy, but you can.

So treat myopia - we learn to relax the eyes.Take a sheet of thick paper about one meter long and try to make your own table, like the one that you had to look at in an ophthalmol

ogist's office.

checking eyesight, you were nervous, but now calm.Fill paper screen can be of different sizes, in large letters, which can be cut out of the newspapers.In the top row of letters should be placed in size 8-10 cm. Stepping down 3 cm from the top word, you need to stick the letters smaller and so on.The letters in the lower word must not exceed one centimeter.

now on a small format card, that fits into the palm of your hand, write down all the words shown on the screen.Hang the screen on the wall so that it fell sunlight, sit down on a chair at a distance of 5-10 meters, holding a small plate in his hands, and start to exercise.small card to bring your eyes as close as possible, so that you can make out the letter and read the top line.Then read the same line, holding the card at arm's length.Perform this exercise 3 times, changing the distance.

Then take a look at the top line on the far screen.You will notice immediately that it is better discern its contours.Close your eyes and make a few heads turn, accompanying them with a deep breath.Repeat the exercise, gradually reaching the last lines.Continue reading by following these rules, as long as you do not start to bother discomfort.

The next day, doing the exercise, you are sure to make out with the same line distance typed in a smaller font.With regular training, you will soon discover that they are able to distinguish between all the lines shown on the big screen.To avoid unnecessary stress during the transition to the next stage of training the eyes, do not rush and do not dramatically increase the distance.

But do not rush to get rid of glasses, barely begin to notice improvements.Very depriving the eye of this support, you risk causing tension of the eye muscles.Initially fairly and that you do not so much have to put them on.For example, try to dress in the morning and have breakfast without glasses.During a trip to public transport remove them.

And besides - often go to the movies.If the right to look at the screen, it will be no less useful than specific exercises.

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