12 August

Chinese acupressure to view

your eyes tire quickly from bright sunlight, as well as reading, working at the computer, slowly but steadily progressing nearsightedness or farsightedness?Not reconciled with that.His eyes, how do you have long known - the mirror of the soul.And they need to stay attractive.There are many ways to preserve visual acuity.

Chinese healers believe: no problem to contemplate this beautiful world for years to come will allow acupressure.He will suspend development of nearsightedness or farsightedness.All points are paired, which means that it is necessary to massage both simultaneously to said side.

1. Eye Gloss.
point is located in a small pit just above the inner corner of eye.Lightly press down on the tip of her little finger and massage clockwise 0.5-1 per minute;

2. The back of the fish.
point is in the middle of the eyebrows, just above the center of the pupil.Massage it as well as one point;

3. Little fossa.
Depart from the outer corner of the eye to the temple at 1-1.5 cm tip of the index or midd

le finger for 1 minute intermittently apply pressure to the point of 1-2 times per second.;

4. Wind Energy.
point is located under the occipital bone above the hairline in the hole.Strongly press on her pillow bent thumb, setting the stage for it from the bottom up;

5. Clear vision.
point is located on the shoulder near the "corner" of the deltoid muscle, 0.5 cun (the diameter of your thumb) up and back along the contour of the muscles.Push it in the same way as in point 3;

6. Merge streams.
look from the side and bit down on her brush with dense information with your fingers.Above the place where the ends fold between the thumb and forefinger in the middle of the hill, and muscle is this point.Acting on it as well as point 3;

7. The point of eternal youth.
Sit in a chair with your feet comfortably, put your right hand on the patella, open your fingers slightly and push the leg.Under the pillow and the ring is necessary you point;

8. Ten thousand li.
located 0.5 cun below point 7. feedback directly on both rubbing their clasped together index and middle finger from top to bottom I'm back for 1 minute.

Excellent help relieve eyestrain and these two relaxation exercises:

- put one wrist to the other at an angle of 45 degrees, while the base of the little finger, caught the top, should lie at the base of what is beneath it.Gently press the palm of your eyes, completely shielding them from the light for 2-3 minutes.Mentally imagine looking at a black velvet.If the sight of "float" luminous figure, try to replace them with pleasant scenery at the hour of sunset, and gradually "extinguish" coverage to total darkness;

- put before the eyes of "palisade" of two hands with fingers slightly spread so close to almost touch his nose, turning his head from side to side for 2 minutes.Look at it slips through your fingers on everything that surrounds you.

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