12 August

Exercising with cervical osteochondrosis

Diagnosis: Woe from Wit.It can be called a cervical osteochondrosis, because most often it occurs in office workers who sit for a long time without movement at work.About 85 percent of adults in developed countries suffer from cervical degenerative disc disease.Dull headache, blurry picture before his eyes, pressing pain in the neck, the overall severe fatigue.Twist the neck in search of treatment tips?Turn on.After all, this is the beginning of physiotherapy.How to turn right - read on.

at the gym - it becomes!

exercises are performed lying:

  • Lie on your back, put a neck roll.Turn your head from side to side as if to say "no."The amplitude of the turns should be small.Lie on your stomach.Hands - parallel to the body.right-left turns his head so that his ears touched the floor.
  • remained lying on his stomach.Hands still parallel to the floor.Raise your head, shoulders and try to lift the chest.When the lift - Stay a few seconds in this position.Then go down and repeat the exercise.When you watch the
    posture, the shoulders should be widely straightened.
  • Breathe stomach.To do this, inhale inflate the abdomen and lift the chest during expiration.

exercises are performed sitting:

  • Select one object in front of him and looking at him, not looking back.Tilt the head back and forth as if to say "yes."Duration - two minutes.Exercise is good for the prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease.
  • Repeat the exercise, but shakes his head from side to side, saying "No, no."
  • Tilt your head down and repeat "no-no".
  • Slowly tilt your head down to the chin could touch the neck (this is done on the exhale).Just slowly lift your head and lower it back (inspiratory).
  • little zaprokinte head back.Turn your head, trying to touch your ear to the shoulder.
  • Put your hand on the forehead and push.The head is not to throw back, neck muscles have to strain.Do the same, pressing his hand on his head.

main thing - do no harm

All exercises are performed mild, gently and smoothly.Physical education should not cause pain.Do not throw back his head back strongly and do not use a circular motion head.

In moments of acute illness exercise is better not to do.It is not necessary to carry out exercises, if the disease is complicated by herniated discs.

On sale is a special device for the traction of the cervical vertebrae.If you get caught on advertising and want to purchase - be sure to check before you buy with your doctor.

How many times to perform?

from exercise once a day, the effect will be small.It is advisable to repeat even the most basic medical action four or five times a day.

Combine exercise therapy with watching TV, performing household chores.Even while driving you can do the exercises, codenamed "yes" and "no-no".

Take five-minute treatment in the office.Print a list of exercises and hang it near your computer, not to forget to do gymnastics with cervical osteochondrosis.And get healthier, and time will pass more quickly.Especially if you involve the whole team to the physiotherapist.

Combine exercise therapy along with easy self-massage, or go to a professional course of massage neck area.

Differences cervical osteochondrosis

How unpleasant it is a cervical osteochondrosis?When the disease to other parts of the spine discomfort and pain.And with cervical osteochondrosis involved psyche, because through the neck are important ways - the vessels to the brain.

How to recognize a cervical osteochondrosis:

  • severe headache pain, especially pain during sharp turns heads
  • migraine
  • tinnitus
  • numbness
  • several fingers
  • chest pain
  • Ā«flies" beforeeyes.

Do not self-medicate.If there were signs of cervical degenerative disc disease - consult your doctor.He will appoint a comprehensive treatment, not just gymnastics.But it is better not get sick, to prevent disease than to fight it.If you work at the computer - do charge for five minutes every hour.

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