12 August

Cabelnik Swamp : application

Once upon a time, far from peaceful people living in the North.To cultivate the land, breed cattle, raised children.However, not everyone liked it, once a strong enemy attacked peaceful settlement, ruined houses, ruined arable land.We had people hiding in the dense forests and swamps.But from the dampness and the stench of rotten swamps fallen ill people.And then they prayed, begged God to send them help, heal and save them.The prayer was answered them, and here the night he was a rider on a white horse.He swung his sword, flashed it slashed the thick swamp fog.Dumbfounded people, and when consciousness returned to him, they saw the place where was the vision, the whole earth was covered with purple flowers.The plant proved curative, roots, flowers and leaves heal people from diseases, people have been rescued.

's such an interesting and beautiful legend.What do you think, what kind of plant referred to in the legend?This is a marsh cinquefoil.It has many names: marsh cinquefoil, Fieldfare meadow, Field

fare bitter fireflower ordinary, wild raspberries, pyatiperstnaya grass pyatipalochnaya grass, cinquefoil big pyatipalochnik, slide, wading strawberries, garlic knight, bunny ears, swamp rose, clove, dekop.Yet many other names - Potentilla with those epic times is very popular among the people, it is believed that the disease Sabelnik cuts and returns to people's health.

There is another legend that the name "Potentilla" comes from the fact that once an ancient army, thrust his sword as a sign of the end of the war in the Altai land, when they saw the beauty and grace of these places.

Application marsh cinquefoil in the treatment of people practiced for a long time, popular recipes, which include Potentilla marsh, are mentioned in ancient manuscripts of the early XVII century, due to its curative and restorative properties of Potentilla is often called Russian ginseng.

from plants our ancestors cooked red paint.In addition, the plant is a good honey plant, and perganosom, as well as fodder plant for deer, beavers, moose.

Potentilla - a perennial plant with stems lodge of about 1 meter in length.Stem with rooting interstices.Leaves sessile, oblong and sharp-toothed, green above, bottom - glaucous, chastovolosistye.Useful properties are the leaves and stem.But the most prized in the Potentilla rhizome.

Harvest leaves and stalks during flowering and rhizome pulled or dug in early spring or autumn.The rhizome is clear of the ground, moss, remove fine adventitious roots and stems, washed and podvyalivayut the sun.Dry in a dark ventilated areas or Electric driers at a temperature of 40-50 °.

In folk medicine, freshly chopped herbs and applied as a compress to suppurating wounds, and also used to heal wounds from the bite of rabid dogs.

in the form of tincture or a decoction of the rhizome is used and when, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, sciatica.But Sabelnik useful not only in joint diseases.It is used and gastric pains, and various bleeding, stomach disorders, liver diseases and jaundice, cholecystitis.A decoction of the whole plant is also used in tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis, neuralgic pains.They rinse the throat with tonsillitis.Very useful Sabelnik and metabolic disorders and for the normalization of weight.

Speaking of weight normalization.Preparations cinquefoil very well blow up the appetite.And since taking decoctions and infusions of cinquefoil, always want to eat, try to keep your appetite in check and do not overeat.

preparation of infusions and decoctions of marsh cinquefoil

# 100g roots cinquefoil chop and pour a liter of vodka.The mixture infuse for three to four weeks, then strain the infusion carefully.It is recommended to take three times a day for half an hour before meals for one teaspoon with a little water.The course of treatment with this drug for three weeks, mainly in the off-season, during the acute pain - in spring and autumn.

# cinquefoil roots can be brewed as a tea, 5g.cinquefoil roots Pour one cup of boiling water.Drink half a cup half an hour before meals.

# decoction prepared from a mixture of sage and cinquefoil, taken in equal parts, it is recommended to drink half a cup 3 times a day for older people to prevent various diseases.

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