12 August

Chronic fatigue : what to do ?

Fatigue ... This is when there is no strength and desire to do something and just go ... And the mood of the evening falls, feet aching, heaviness in the body.In the spring vitamin deficiency is also added.When fatigue accumulates, it becomes unbearable.Chronic fatigue - this is not a whim, but a serious illness, and therefore relate to fatigue should seriously!

Listen to yourself.Most importantly, do not confuse the evening fatigue from chronic fatigue, which requires serious attention and treatment.Try to separate these concepts.If you experience a feeling of tiredness all the time, starting in the morning, you are constantly whining mood, headaches and decreased vitality, depression and strengthened day by day, then you should consult a doctor and get tested.But try to get rid of after a day of daytime fatigue, overcome apathy is not only possible but necessary!

Let's start with the most simple - if you are tired, do not rush immediately to the table, even if you are very hungry.Before dinner, it i

s recommended to relax, unwind and relax, because the very process of eating and digestion requires a lot of energy.If you "nakinet" for food, you are more worn out, you want to sleep, and the evening chores and will remain undone.

And after a short rest, scroll to half an hour to do some procedures.Let's start with your feet - for sure they are tired and leg pain is very bad effect on your mood.Removing outdoor shoes, stay for a while barefoot or wear soft comfortable slippers.

Lie down relax a bit, take a comfortable horizontal position, lift your legs and lean them against the wall at the maximum wide angle.This holiday pyatiinutny cause blood flow.As a result of fatigue in his legs will take part, and you will feel some relief.

Now we can move on to more effective measures. Foot contrast baths take you too, no more than 5 minutes, but they perfectly improve circulation.Take two basin: hot water (temperature of about 40 ° C) and cold water (below 30 ° C).Dip your feet in hot water for a few seconds, then - in the cold.Repeat this process 3-4 times.

possible just hot foot bath to calm down.Pour into a bowl of hot water, add any herbs: chamomile, sage, lavender, valerian or prepare specifically for the bath infusion of herbs.Prepare infusions of herbs sleduyu¬schim way: two tablespoons of dry chopped herbs fill one liter of boiling water, leave for at least 30 minutes, strain and add to the water for the bath.

infusion is better to prepare in advance, in the morning.Baths is better to take in the bathroom, to small enclosed space quickly filled with the smell of herbs.Couples herbs soothe the nervous system and restores strength well.But remember, varicose veins can not take hot baths!

If your day was very heavy, take common bath .In the water bath, add sea salt, you pleasant fragrances, essential oils, herbal infusions, which are prepared as well as for foot baths.

good to take a bath with a decoction laurel.To do this, 6-8 bay leaves cover with cold water, bring to a boil and boil for at least twenty minutes.This infusion can be prepared in advance - it is several days stored in the refrigerator without losing its medicinal properties.The infusion can be added to a bath with sea salt or flavorings.The water temperature should not be high - about 37-38 degrees.Taking a bath is recommended that no more than five minutes.

Perfectly removes general muscle fatigue hot shower .If you plan to do, the last jet of contrast shower should be cool - this is a well-toned entire body.Just make sure that the last jet of water was cool.After water procedures rub the body, especially the feet thoroughly with a towel.

Do not forget about your hands - they, too, should be substituted by a jet of hot water or put it in the same bath as the legs.Hands at this time, you can massage the legs from the toes to the ankle.After the water treatments on your hands, apply a mild nourishing cream.Spread legs and nourishing cream, gently massage with gentle movements from the bottom up.The skin becomes supple and soft.

Now take a few minutes face.Gently remove makeup and make nourishing mask on the face and neck .The purpose of the masks - to remove muscle fatigue, and this is enough for 5-10 minutes.For nutritional mask is best suited grated cucumber or raw potatoes.Make the face and neck a compress of terry towel moistened with hot water.Then apply on face and neck.Soak for 10-15 minutes with the mask in a ventilated room with his feet on the roller.Then rinse with cool water and smear the face and neck nourishing cream.

're tidy hair.Comb your hair massage brush or comb slow uniform motion, from the hair roots to the ends.The brush should be a natural bristle brush or suitable wooden comb.

Now we have to perform very simple physical exercises :

1. Perform stretching waist.Sit on the very edge of his chair, legs extend forward, feet pull over.Hands lifted up his hands - parallel to the ceiling at right angles to the line of hands.Sami hands laid back, as if his head.On the inhale - pulled up on the exhale - to bend his whole body to socks, trying to get his head on his knees.

2. Make exercise on stretching the neck muscles.It can be done in any position, provided that the shoulders back, head tilted up, chin stretched forward.The meaning of the exercise is to try, as it were, put his chin on his chest.

3. Familiar exercise - the head tilts to the right, then to the left shoulder.Moreover, doing it, you should put off your shoulders down, not raise them to the ears.

Each exercise is sufficient to repeat three times.

now drink a glass of juice or just eat some juicy fruit, but you can drink a glass of green tea.

You feel the strength to do household chores?Then go ahead!But tomorrow, do not forget to repeat the entire procedure.Some time of such employment, and your body will be easy to readjust quickly to rest, and you and the evening will be full of strength and energy.

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