12 August

Morning exercises for obese patients

Therapeutic exercise for obese patients divided into two periods.The first patients adapts to increased motor load, which is particularly important for untrained body.Usually begins with morning gymnastics hygienic and measured distance.After a certain time, when it is improved cardiovascular and respiratory functions (fade shortness of breath, palpitations), go to the second period, a more active physically.This period includes, in addition to the mandatory morning exercises, longer walks, jogging, skiing, swimming and other sports activities, recommended by the doctor.One lesson physical therapy is usually 45-60 minutes.

an indicative set of morning hygienic gymnastics.

1. I. n (starting position) -. Main stand.Raise your hands up, stretch - inhale, return to and.n -. exhale.3-6 times.

2. IP -. The same.Dilute hand in hand, to lift her head up - inhale, return to and.n -. exhale.5-6 times the average rate.

3. IP -. The same.Walking in place with raised hips and broad scope of hands.Breathing svo┬Čb

odnoe.1-2 minutes, the average rate.

4. IP -. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, hands on his belt.Circular motion of the pelvis right and left 6-8 times.Breathing not delay.

5. IP -. Standing, feet wider than shoulder width, arms at your sides.Torso forward as much as possible, hand in hand - exhale, return to and.n -. breath.5-6 times the average rate.

6. IP -. Supine, legs straight, arms at your sides.Bend the legs and spread them apart - inhale, return to and.n -. exhale.6-8 times the average rate.

7. IP -. The same.Dilute hand in hand bend in the spine - exhale, return to and.n -. breath.3-5 times the average rate.

8. IP -. The same.Dilute hand in hand, alternately clasp the knee of the bent leg, pressed to her stomach - exhale, return to and.n -. breath.3-4 times the average rate.

9. IP -. The same.Wag straight leg.Alternately each leg.4-6 times.Breathing free.

10. IP -. The same.Deep diaphragmatic breathing.

11. IP -. Too.Hands on his belt.Alternating leg curl with a separation of the floor (imitation cycling).10-12 times.Breathing free.

12. IP -. Standing with your feet together, hands on his belt.Jumping on his toes to a height of 5-6 cm from the floor.Starting with 10 - 12 jumps in slow motion with a consequent increase in the number and rate of jumps.

13. IP -. Standing.Vigorous walking in a circle or on-site with a gradual slowdown to slow - 30 seconds.

14. IP -. The same.Hands raised up - inhale, relax them, fold down slightly tilt the body forward - exhale.4-5 times slower pace.

Gymnastics can be replaced by a walk of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, or dosed walking, or light jogging.

useful exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, allowing you to hold the abdominal organs in the normal position, as well as help improve intestinal motility and emptying.

exercises for the muscles of the limbs and body contribute to the general tone of the central nervous system, providing her calming effect.Upon awakening, it is not recommended to stay in bed.Sleep should be 7-8 hours, to give up an afternoon nap, replacing it walks.Part of the way to work and from work to do on foot.Therapeutic exercises can be practiced at any time during the day, but no later than 1.5 hours before eating and after it 2 hours before bedtime.

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