12 August

The impact on our health of computers.Exercise at the wrist tunnel syndrome

tunnel syndrome of the wrist causes pain and impaired hand function, and the process involved in the median nerve and flexor tendons passing through the brush channel formed by the wrist bones and ligaments.During hand movements and, respectively, tendons finger rub against the wall of the channel.This friction can cause irritation, leading to edema.As a result of compression of the median nerve, numbness can occur, tingling, and even pain in the wrist.This disease affects people of different professions.Drafters and musicians, butchers and secretaries, and working conveyor production, service station workers, and today in this list were added confidence and active users of personal computers, which are long hours make small repetitive hand movements, moving the mouse or typing text on the keyboard.

main objective of the treatment tunnel syndrome - to achieve decompression (pressure reduction) of the anatomical channel content, which was nerve compression.In the early stages of the disease it is achi

eved by therapeutic methods, in more severe cases may need surgery - cut fibrotic channel, revision nerve.

But better, of course, do not bring up.For long-term work on the computer has not led to the emergence of carpal tunnel syndrome, is enough to carry out simple guidelines for the organization of the workplace and the work mode: each hour to take short breaks.In principle, the need to relax the tendons is very little time for it should not be a passive recreation.This is not a break from driving, it rest on the keyboard.

well as to preserve the flexibility of the fingers and joints, increase circulation, remove edema need to perform a simple set of exercises several times a day.

1. Firmly squeeze each hand into a fist and sharply unclench.Repeat 10 times.

2. rotating through the wrists inward and outward.Repeat 10 times.

3. The circular movements of the thumbs in both directions.Repeat 10 times.

4. Put your fingers in the "lock" firmly clenched and unclenched them.Repeat 20 times.When tunnel syndrome is an exercise test.If it brings a high morbidity, the presence of highly probable tunnel syndrome.Begin the exercise 1-2 times, gradually increasing the repetitions.Or even give up the exercise.

5. Firmly press together the fingers and palms of the hands.Elbows hold at shoulder level.Not moving his fingers, pull the palm of your hand so that the wrists and elbows are parted.Return the hand to the starting position.Perform 10 times.

6. Hands lift up and lower freely.Repeat 20 times.

main thing is that the movements were varied.Remember that tunnel syndrome occurs in people, not only because they do repetitive motion, but because they do it for hours.Try to change the kind of work more often.

And yet, buy a comfortable, at his hand, a broad "mouse" with the wheel to the hand he was not in constant tension.

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