12 August

Swimming.Style , a healthy ( continued)

very popular style, "backstroke."Modern technology that in fact the style is inverted crawl.But it was not always so.Backstroke not immediately began to be considered a full-fledged sports style - at first it was used only as a holiday on the water.It was only much later backstroke became an independent view and was included in the competition program.Interestingly, the first swimmers on the back used the "crotch" technique for hands in the water."Inverted crawl" for the first time, and with great success, demonstrated American Harry Hebner at the Olympic Games in 1912

And what about the health benefits?It's all very exciting!This first type of secondary navigation really is perhaps the most beneficial to health.Especially for back health.No wonder that most experts recommend it crawl on his back as the ideal physical therapy for people with scoliosis and other spinal disorders.At the same time, doctors pay attention to what you need to maintain a good streamlined and elongated horizontal body positio


Finally, butterfly (from the English Butterfly - Butterfly) - the most technically complex, is the power of swimming style.Butterfly emerged as a special kind of breaststroke by lengthening the arm stroke to the hips.In addition, the athletes have to synchronously carry arms forward above his head, like a butterfly's wings.At the Olympic Games from 1935 to 1953 brassisty and supporters butterfly competed together.And in 1953 it became an independent butterfly swimming style.At the same time instead of alternately kicked up and down movement was allowed synchronous.So there was a kind of butterfly speed at which the athlete performs undulating movement all over.

As already noted, butterfly style - the style of swimming power, and therefore the main benefit of this is built around a swimming power loads.Such training is most conducive to the development of the shoulder girdle, arms and legs.Moreover, because of the specific raskoordinirovannosti limb movements while swimming butterfly train even those muscle groups that are in relative peace with other styles.

But for patients or debilitated people use the Butterfly is not clear.For example, some experts consider it a very good choice in case of problems with the spine, while others are advised to beware of such a large load and sudden jerks.However, the doctors and trainers rightly say that the best option for health - to combine different types of diving.

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