12 August

What do we know about the immunity ?

Did you know that our body is constantly under attack?These dangers come both from the world around us (we have something to breathe, eat, something can penetrate into us through the skin), and from within our own organism (our cells age or change their properties, and then they should be removed from the body).What protects us from all kinds of alien micro-organisms, bacteria and their toxins, viruses, parasites?

We have the immune system - a very complex structure of the organism, which can reflect aggression penetrated into the body of foreign substances.Immunity - is a powerful inner strength, which nature has endowed man.The strength of this helps us to be released (this is translated from the Latin word "immunity") from the effects of exposure to a variety of adverse factors causing various ailments.And not only from bacteria and viruses.After becoming estranged from him and altered cells, such as cancer or old, to be destroyed.Immunity is involved in the excretion of harmful chemicals, which in

our dysfunctional Ecology increasingly remind myself.

Most possible protection against diseases - is our immune system is more complicated, than antibiotics or other types of medications.If we get sick, it is usually because our immune system is unable to cope, because the system is due to a variety of reasons may fail.

harm the immune system may be frequent infections, smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, poor diet, long-term treatment with antibiotics, stress, pollution, severe physical and mental stress.

weak response when the immune system is unable to track the malware started, leading to disease.Toxic substances accumulated in the air, water, plants - literally in everything that surrounds us - act primarily on our defenses, and a weakened body is no longer able to resist.Our

you health depends on our immunity, which works constantly, like clock, to protect us from the hostile world.Without a healthy immunity, able to kill all of our enemies, we can not live.

In everyone's life there are times when our immune system is weakened.Often we do not pay attention to the obvious signs of a weakened immune system, and it entails consequences that will require much more costly than prevention and rehabilitation measures.Stop and listen to yourself.

If you have frequent colds (more than 4 - 6 times a year), or perhaps, more frequent relapses (recurrence) of chronic diseases, such as bronchitis, or appear from time to time herpes (red scab or wound) on the lips, as well asyou quickly get tired, and tired - this is reason enough for a visit to the doctor.It also featured a weakened immune system and include allergic diseases (where there is a heightened sensitivity of the organism to various environmental substances).

For example, allergies to pollen - every body reacts differently: someone rubs his long-suffering Red eyes, someone in full sniffs, others gasp, or itch, or hide under a long dress manifestation of urticaria - red patches on the skin.In this case, you urgently need to get doctor's advice!

If you want to have good health, one of the most important of your goals should be to strengthen the immune system.

But in order to reveal the original data for the protection of human capabilities, we must provide our body substances necessary for the normal course of all processes (movement, sleep, protective reactions, blood pressure regulation, etc.).

And all this is possible only if properly balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.Our body needs vitamins, because it can not collect them and not able to synthesize most of them.Therefore, the whole set of these substances regularly it should receive in the required amounts.

Deficiency of vitamin A reduces the activity of immunity while penetration of foreign proteins into the body.Vitamin A is found in fruits and vegetables and red yellow color (carrot, melon, tomato), except that, in the liver and eggs.

B vitamins help stimulate immune activity during periods of physical stress.If the levels of these vitamins falls markedly reduced ability of the body to produce antibodies to fight infections, and you find yourself the victim of numerous infections.B vitamins are found in yeast, mushrooms, milk, cheese, liver.

Lack of vitamin C can damage the immune system in several ways: delayed reaction of protective equipment to the signal of a pathological condition, reduced the rate of development of antibodies to combat infections.Vitamin C is found in cabbage, lemon, dog-rose, apples.Fruits, vegetables, salads, juices - all this contains a lot of vitamins.From this start, ladies, your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Incidentally, food with a high sugar content weakens the immune system that reduces the ability of some immune protective measures to deal with alien factors.

Many women underestimate the importance of the 30-minute rest after work.Such a little rest around the world called "relaxation" - relaxation and muscles, and nerves.Before going to rest, you need to give yourself a complete rest.Close the door of her room for 20 minutes, open the window.Now stretch yourself quietly on the bed, his head tucked under a flat pillow under your knees and folded blanket.Hands position along the body.Try to breathe deeply, rhythmically and slowly.Mentally Away from all the household chores.

Do not regret those few minutes to relax: your eyes shine and become a good mood.Then quietly go back to his duties.

daily after morning exercises waft tight wet mitten short powerful movements.This procedure contributes to the excellent state of health and strengthen the immune system.

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