20 August

You have removed the gallbladder .Your actions after the removal of the gall bladder

you removed the gallbladder.Operation is not so rare.How to live after the operation to remove gall puzyyarya.What to do in order to recover as quickly as possible?

Almost always, the first treatment for seam, you go to the clinic for dressings.But we can also handle the scar and at home.

For example, in the morning, as soon as you wake up, the scar can be treated with a strong solution of potassium permanganate.In the evening, you can alternate oily solution of vitamin A and of calendula ointment, rubbing them in the rumen until all absorbed.Go to bed at the same time without a patch, not to scar the IOC.These funds are not worse than the usual green fodder and iodine, while not irritating to the skin and are not less effective.

When scar lightened, you can buy a wound-healing ointment "Solkoseril" and "Contractubex", "rescuer."This ointment is also needed to rub twice a day.

to the scar on the body is not paralyzed movement, need to slowly start doing gymnastics .Exercise will make the scar mov

ing, prevent the formation of adhesions and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Exercise first .Standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands on his belt, carefully turn the right and left.

Exercise second .Lying down, bend your knees and after a deep breath knees tilted in one direction and then in another direction.

Exercise third - with a 200-300-gram bag of sand.This bag put on the upper part of the abdomen, and exhale to lift his belly as high as possible, and on a breath - let down.The same is done and try to bag, laid on the lower part of the abdomen, but not on the scar, of course.

After removal of the gallbladder usually prescribe a strict diet - anything smoked, marinated, spicy, fried, flour, canned, as well as hot and cold.And if you like to eat, then we can estimate his new delicious menu of authorized products.And without unnecessary hassles to move to a new diet, thus helping the liver and pancreas to cope with a double burden.

After surgery to remove the gallbladder is important not to focus on the time of helplessness.Do not go into the disease, communicate with like-minded people and make frequent trips to the nature, drive to the cottage, where the favorite plants will feed you with its energy and beauty.

A for prevention should drink infusions of herbs, cranberries and fell floor, a decoction of the roots of parsley.To surgeries not made itself felt - diet, take Almagelum and enzymes.

But the most important means of , promoting recovery after surgery - this joyous .

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