12 August

Fatigue : how to quickly restore power

tired feeling each of us.Especially difficult is the end of the day, when fatigue occurs along with sensations of pain around tele.No even more frightening fatigue, when we feel it almost woke up early in the day.How to relieve fatigue, without spending a lot of time?To do this, listen to the useful tips and give yourself a bit of attention.The simple massage active points relieve fatigue and stress, stimulates blood circulation and give strength.And you can make it on the job.

massage technique to relieve fatigue

- Put your hand on the table, palm down.In the triangle between the thumb and index finger (on the outside of the brush) to find the desired point.Make circular 8-10 "screw-in" movements of the index finger of the other hand to one side, then, the same movements - in reverse.

- Put your hand on his knee.The fovea, which gets a little finger - yet another point.Knead for 3-5 minutes it is possible simultaneously on both legs.

- Hair Brush massage the skin on the neck (bottom-up) - the fr

ont one minute and 2 minutes back of the neck.

- Place the palm of your hand with fingers spread on the scalp and massage it "screwed" movements.

try?You were forces for new labor achievements?If not, try to break your neck.No wonder she aches - it rests almost five-kilogram load - head.In addition, we often overload the muscles of the neck, giving it an unnatural position.

complex exercise to relieve fatigue

- To make stretching the neck muscles, sit down and straighten your back.Within 3 seconds, bring near the right ear to the right shoulder, looking straight ahead and not raising his shoulders.Stay in this position for 5 seconds, then slowly return to starting position.Repeat for the left side.Then within 3 seconds hold the starting position and, finally, sit for 5 seconds, his head thrown back.

- To strengthen the muscles of the neck, let down by the head scarf, folded strip and holding the ends with both hands and pull it to the back of the neck - where hair growth begins.Tilt your head forward, then fold back so as to feel the resistance of the handkerchief.Repeat 3-5 times.

Try to find time for these exercises during the working day, and you will notice that they have become less tired.

But you rushed home after work, popped down the road a few shops stood in the queue, suffered "torture" by public transport.A half an hour to get ready for a visit or be taken over the case.Or maybe you have ahead a romantic date?It is necessary to fix a flat, I want to look good, and you do not have the strength even to rise from his chair.What to do?

- Breathe deeply three times.

- Vigorously rub the ears, first horizontally and then vertically.

- Oskalte teeth and take a few sudden movements jaws up and down.

- Rub cheeks.

- Massage your head.

- It is easy to spend some time with your fingers along the eyebrows.

- Imitating washing, easy to massage your entire face with both hands.

And now for the cause!And remember: your health - in your hands!

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