12 August

RULES OF HEALTH JAPANESE curer ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

1. Exercise "goldfish" - for the treatment of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and the normalization of blood flow and motility kishechnika.Lyagte stiff flat bed, face up, his hands folded under his neck, fastened the wrist.Keeping his feet on the bed, pull the toes to the nose, heel - forward.In this position, to swing, vibrate all over, like a fish, writhing in the water.
Exercise is done in the morning and evening for 1-2 minutes.

Tip: Start with 1 minute and only a week increase the time to two minutes.For convenience, slowly count to 60.

2. Exercise for the capillaries.Lie down on a hard flat bed, put a neck-roll pillow har

d.Arms and legs pull up at a right angle to the body.Approximately 1-2 minutes the finely-finely shake, vibrate all the limbs simultaneously.Because the vibration of this kind is quite tiring, gradually increase the load.
This exercise should be done in tandem with the "goldfish".

3. Exercise "closing of the hands and feet."Lie on a flat hard bed, put a neck-roll pillow hard.Opened his hand, connect the front of the chest pads of the fingers of both hands.Alternately, they push each other and relax (10 times).Then move your hands with closed tips of his fingers back and forth (10).

somknite palms before a breast, then raise the serried straight leg with knees up and move them back and forth as far as possible (10).After finishing the exercise, somknite hands and feet (foot wheel) and 10 minutes to stay at rest.

Tense and relax the serried fingertips - one of the calming techniques.Exercise strengthens the aura, aligns it.Your clasped hands in the first time will begin to warm up five minutes later, each time it will happen faster and faster.A debilitated people palms will warm up only a week after the daily activities.On this basis it easy to track the improvement of your energy.Normally, if a minute after closing the palms and soles on them will noticeably warm.

4. Exercise for the spine and abdomen.
preparatory part:
- sitting on a chair, lift and lower the shoulders (10 times)

- tilt your head to the right and to the left (10 times)

- tilt the head forward and back (10 times)

- tilt your headright and back left and back (10 times)

- stretch your arms horizontally forward, turn your head to the right and left

- lift both arms up parallel to each other, turn your head to the right and left

- lower your arms to the level ofshoulders, bending at the elbows, fingers touching the "shoulder strapsĀ»

- leaving your hands in the previous position, fold your elbows back as far as possible by pulling strongly chin, in this position, "zastynte" for 3 seconds and then relax.A little rest.

main part of the exercise - sitting on the coccyx, straighten your body, keeping your balance.Then swing the body to the left and right while moving the belly, moreover, mentally tell yourself that feel better and better every day.

exercises to do for 10 minutes every morning and evening.

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