12 August

How to lull insomnia ?

How healthy and deep sleep is important for our health, so exhausting insomnia and undermines our health.Obviously, if you have a good night's sleep, get some rest, and then the whole day will be just fine!Sleep organize our thoughts and recovers wasted eve forces.Therefore, sleep disturbances (insomnia) knocks us out of the normal rhythm of life.Insomnia is harmful not only for women's health, but also for the appearance and shape.And sleeping pills there is not a panacea!

Each of us lives by its biological clock.That is why there is no general rule for all - when laid in bed and how much to leave it.It is known only that most people need seven to eight hours rest, but there are those who need a little more or less time to sleep.

According to a sleep (experts involved in the study of sleep), it does not matter for a full night's rest, we will go into the kingdom of Morpheus, more importantly, to develop a specific regime that would fit for you, and try not to break it.

Our bodies generally like to l

ive on the clock.Day - to work and rest at night.And it is not recommended to violate the law of nature, otherwise you risk to get into the network of insomnia.And then the headaches and irritability will be your constant companions.With severe sleep disorders, with insomnia should seek medical advice, or in the future - a neurosis.But in any case, one should try to get rid of insomnia and organize your dream self.

If you have trouble falling asleep, or were all the signs of insomnia, then get ready for bed should start in about a half hour before the scheduled time.Learn to distract from the problems, otherwise a constant consideration concerns necessarily provide you with insomnia.It is clear that it is not easy to do, seriously attend to this, the result is bound to be.First you need to look for all the positive and pleasant that happened during the day.

But "self-blame" - fight or insomnia guaranteed!You are the most charming and attractive, but if you suddenly came out that something is wrong, check for yourself this episode, but do not look for an immediate solution.Suffice it to say: - "I'll deal with this problem!" - And to put an end, until the morning.But if disturbing thoughts still do not go away, try to shift your attention to other events of the day.

Curious advice given by psychologists.They offer the problem of "locked up": write about what you are concerned, on a piece of paper, fold it and lock with a key in a box or drawer.

ideal preparation for sleep and insomnia prevention - after dinner, go outside and take a walk, get some fresh air.I do not want to leave the house?Read a book, listen to music or watch the melodrama.

There are many ways to deal with insomnia.First, try to relax.You can relieve the stress before going to bed with the help of exercises.

Exercises for relaxation in insomnia:

«Rag Doll»

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart arrange.Lower the head on his chest.Gently lean forward so that your arms hang freely (as a whip).Close your eyes and wiggle freely in one direction and then the other as long as you feel relaxed.

«potyagushki Foot»

Lie on your back, arms along the body position.Squeeze the brush, pull the foot over and reaching maximum stress, stay in this position for 1-2 seconds.Then slowly unclench your fingers, and lower the foot.Repeat 6-8 times.

«crawled under the fence»

Imagine that you have to crawl under the fence.Perform this movement slowly as if you are afraid to scratch on the protruding nails.Do this exercise at least 3-4 times.Once you have completed all the exercises, you can lie down in the bath.Take a relaxing bath should be 15-20 minutes, and after it wrapped in a bathrobe and sit a bit.

When insomnia is very important to have a comfortable bed.Make sure your bed is comfortable enough.Check whether you have a flat mattress.It must be tough and elastic, so that did not seem like you're sleeping on a board, but not soft, the body does not "drowned" in it.The pillow should be comfortable, though, physiologists, doctors recommend to lay a tired little head on the cushion or small podushku- "Dumka".Do not forget to ventilate the bedroom, and, if possible, leave the window all night.For 3-4 hours, try not to drink coffee.Tea with chamomile or jasmine - an excellent sedative for insomnia.

Before going to sleep we are used to perform a number of specific actions: brush your teeth, change into pajamas or nightgown ... Some like to read a little before going to sleep, the other - to listen to music, and others - to plan the next day.At first glance, it seems that in these uncomplicated actions makes no sense.

But it is not so!In fact, this is a real ceremony of the transition from the world of day cares in the world of dreams and recovery is very important for insomnia.So, whatever you're doing, take their actions as to the ritual.Everything must be done to you at night was comfortable and pleasant.For example, taking a bath, take it not as a hygienic procedure, but as the minutes of enjoyment before you get into a warm and cozy bed.

But if you still just can not get to sleep, not enough for a sleeping pill!Climb out of bed, drink a glass of warm milk, sit back in the chair, read or enjoy knitting.You do not think about sleep.He usually comes when we pretend that we do not think about it.

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