12 August

Acupressure hands ( acupressure )

Each of us has 4 small "clinic" given nature - 2 hands and 2 feet.Knowing how they "work", it is possible to deal with so many problems - from acute to chronic headache symptoms serious zabolevaniya.Sudite themselves - the brush is made up of palm and 5 fingers.In the human body, you can also select the trunk and 5 protruding parts - the head with the neck and limbs 4.Thus, the thumb - is the head and neck.It reflected the brain, the organs of sight and hearing.On the palmar surface of the finger - face, on the back - neck.

index finger and the little finger - a hand.Middle and ring - his feet.Palm surface of the hand under the thumb associated with the rib cage, the rest - from the abdominal cavity.The back of the hand - is back, the median line which corresponds to the spine.Those "projection" can be seen on foot.

human body is permeated with a network of compliance systems.This people knew thousands of years ago, determining the disease iris or auricular points.And the ear and the eye, and hand and

foot - a kind of projection, a copy of the human body.

action "copy", just like the remote control system - when you have something hurts, in this place healthy energy is "closed" and "open" can be massaging the point on the hands or feet (or on the left or right,depending on which side is the patient body), which corresponds to the patient body.In this treatment method, and it is.

When the doctor finds a point in a patient, the latter usually makes some involuntary movements, grimaces of pain.Mechanical action is at this point and gives a therapeutic result.What is important - if a person massages the "wrong" point, nothing bad happens to him.This is a huge advantage of this therapy - all that can happen if the wrong treatment - no improvement.Exacerbate their situation, you can not under any circumstances.

to massage tender points, experts recommend using different probes (metal rod with a rounded end), massagers, needle, magnets, and much more.They make the treatment more effective.But if there is no special tools, you can use a match, pencil, or even his own fingernail.Massage the point of need for 1-2 minutes until the redness of the skin and heat sensations.And using thus any known you massage techniques - pressure, pinching, rubbing, rotary (circular) motion.

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