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Physical exercise in the treatment of cholecystitis

cholecystitis After suffering great risk of gallstones.In this case, you must follow a diet also useful to clean infusions choleretic herbs.

are useful as physical exercise.

The benefits of exercise for the treatment of cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia once wrote a famous physician, Academician Nikolai Amosov.He argued that this disease depends on lifestyle.Gallstones often form when a person neglects to exercise.Therapeutic exercise improves muscle metabolism, including muscle biliary system.And the fact that in the course of a physical education improves mood, does not require proof.The beneficial effects of physical exercise on the nervous system is manifested in the fact that the positive nerve impulses cause the gall bladder to normal.

If you found stones in the gall bladder, the proposed set of physical exercises for you to be canceled becausestones can begin to move and get stuck in the ducts.But for prevention engaged in the health, do not wait, when to grab!

1. From the supine position

raise your right arm up and bend the left leg at the same time, sliding the foot on the floor, - a breath.Return to the starting position - exhale.

2. We continue to lie on his back.Hands on his belt.Raise your head and shoulders to look at socks - exhale.We returned to its original position - a breath.

3. Lying on your back, put his left hand on his chest, right - on his stomach.We begin to breathe stomach.When you inhale both arms raised upward, following the movement of the chest and abdominal wall, while exhaling - fall down.

4. Lying on your left side, the left arm straight up, left leg bent.Raise your right hand up - inhale, bend your right leg and right hand holding the knee to the chest, - exhale.

5. Lying on your left side, raising his right hand and right leg, take a breath, bending the leg and arm, pull the knee to the stomach, tilt your head - exhale.

6. Lying on your left side, take the right arm straight up and back - inhale, return to and.n -. exhale.

7. Standing on all fours, raise your head, inhale, move the sliding movement of the right foot forward between your hands - exhale.Return to starting position and do the same exercise with the other leg.

8. Standing on all fours, lift the left hand straight to the side and up - inhale, return to and.n -. exhale.

9. Standing on all fours, take a breath, and then, bending hands, lie on your stomach - exhale.Return to the starting position.

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Physical exercise in the treatment of cholecystitis

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