12 August

Useful load to the cardiovascular system ( gymnastics complex)

to the cardiovascular system is extremely positive effect is given the so-called dynamic exercise, in which the stress and relax rhythmically replace each other.Muscles under such loads is best supplied with blood, and the amount disclosed capillaries increases tenfold.The proposed exercises will reduce the dose of medications taken to lower blood pressure.The basis of physical activity and adaptation of the heart in patients with coronary disease, as well as post-myocardial infarction is walking.Moreover, it is believed that walking - this is the most simple and very useful exercise.

stimulating effect of exercise therapy in patients with coronary heart disease, as well as for all other diseases related to increased work of the most important functional systems.

Starting the implementation of a medical complex exercise, it should be remembered that correctly assigned physical activity can trigger the disease and aggravate it.Therefore, the load must determine the degree of a cardiologist or exercise

therapy specialist.Yourself to do it in any case impossible.

1. I. p. Standing.Free swing his arms - one forward and one backward.Breathing in this arbitrary.

2. I. n. The same.Stand with one foot on a low bench, and the other leg to make free relaxed back and forth motion.Breathing in this arbitrary.

3. I. n. The same.On the inhale to make a step forward (with the transfer of the body's center of gravity) and a voltage raise your arms forward and up.On the exhale, fasten the second leg and lower arm.At the same time relax the muscles of the neck, arms, shoulders and legs non-reference.Then take a step with the other foot, and so on. D.

4. I. n. The same.Stretch your hands on the wall, slightly bowed torso forward.Relaxed walk in place, alternately lifting the heel off the floor only.Breathing in this arbitrary.

5. I. n. The same.Leaning forward, with stress to dissolve hands in the parties.Relaxed drop arm - hands at the same bend at the elbow, and shoulder muscles remain tense.Lower the arms and drop her head, as much as possible to relax the muscles.Breathing is arbitrary.

6. And, n. The same.With the voltage raise their hands through the sides up.Successively relax the muscles of the hands, starting with the hands, as if folding her arms, and a relaxed lower them.

7. I. p. Sitting in a chair with a high back.The back and neck should be based on a special chair or cushion for the head.Arms bent at the elbows, lie on the the armrests, legs slightly apart, toes apart.On the inhale to lift the shoulders up as much as possible, trying to pull them to the head.And as you breathe out fully relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

8. I. n. The same.Inhaling move aside the right hand and right leg, and on the exhale drop them with relaxation.

9. I. n. The same.On the inhale with the voltage raise their hands, bent at the elbows, as you exhale with relaxation to throw up.

10. I. n. The same.On the inhale lean on his hands on the seat of a chair, raise legs and make circular 3-4 feet movement, as if pedaling a bicycle.On the exhale, return to the original position, lower arms and relax.

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