21 August

What is Pilates ?( Exercise, health and beauty )

Pilates - the perfect addition to your workout routine.The lessons will make you flexible and graceful.In addition, Pilates classes have a great anti-aging effect is not explained by science.By the way, yoga, stretching, practitioners also look younger.Through Pilates you will come back a dizzying sensation of lightness of the body that was found in your yunosti.Glavnaya "highlight" of the Pilates method - that it "works" with your body complex.Pilates improves muscle tone, Virgo your movements so malleable, if you were born right in the ballroom.Instead of "swing" separately back, press separately, separate legs, you train the whole body at once.Agree, this is a significant difference.

Pilates is especially recommended for those who have problems with the spine (this is a violation of posture, osteochondrosis, trauma, intervertebral hernia, as well as pain in the joints).Numerous medical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Pilates in the complex treatment of these problems.In addition, regular

classes normalize the activity of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as the autonomic nervous system.People with unstable pressure is normal.After a few sessions the person feels noticeable changes: improved posture, balance, coordination, gait becomes more flexible and obedient body, increases vitality.

Pilates program is a crash course, which quickly turn you into a beauty with perfect posture.This course combines methodological elements of Pilates, ballet and taekwondo choreography.With the help of this exotic option Pilates straight back flamenco singer can get hold of one month.A week later you will walk proudly lifted her chin, and so easily and gracefully that you feel that you do not touch the ground.A magical experience!

This program combines elements of Pilates, yoga, dance class and strength training.And useful for women who dream of a model figure.They tried and strength training and aerobics, but the ideal was never reached.Experts see the reason is that the modern fitness ignores muscle strain.When you do the exercise with dumbbells, your muscles tense and shortened.The worst thing is that after a repeat muscle never regaining its former length.It is slightly shorter than before exercise, and remains in this state for 2 to 3 days.This is exactly what prevents its growth!If combined with stretching tension, the figure can be transformed in a matter of months!

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