22 August

Cervical osteochondrosis .Massage and exercises with cervical osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis - common disease, which causes concern to many women - headaches, pressure jumps, and its other manifestations.To facilitate the situation will help massage.

And to get started, try this exercise: from a variety of positions - lying on his back, on his side and on his stomach - to lift his head from the pillow and held in this position for a few minutes, gradually increasing the time.This exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck.You can then move on to the massage.Massage neck area is quite effective in the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease.For the massage you need the help of someone close.

Getting a massage with light strokes back and neck for 2-3 minutes.Then go to the shoulder blades and upper back.It first performs stroking from the bottom of the blade to the neck, on both sides.We go to the area of ​​the shoulder girdle and perform here stroking, kneading and then a slight shaking from both sides alternately.

Now the patient must sit down and executed

stroking and kneading the pectoralis major muscle.Next - the position of the patient lying on his stomach.Neck massage, based on the hair growth and downward to the back.If there is no pain, you can squeeze on the side of the neck for 2-4 minutes.Then gently, fingertips, squeezing perform paravertebral region (4-6 times on each side).Again for 2-3 minutes execute stroking across the upper back and then stroking and squeezing shoulder girdles for 2 minutes.

turn to the neck, is alternately performed 6 strokes, kneading fingertips 5-6 times, squeezing 3-4 times and again stroking.

again perform massage the pectoral muscles, the patient is in the supine position.There is also use of stroking (6-7 times), pressing (4-6 times), kneading (4-6 times) and finish again stroking (6-7 times).

patient sitting position, the neck is relaxed, his head bent forward.Perform rubbing fingers of both hands in a direction from a side of the spine, starting from the occipital bone.Then go in the same direction, but now in a circular motion fingertips - do squeezing, kneading and stroking again.

Now, a short break, and proceed to the next part of the massage.

Working on the upper back and shoulder girdle, carrying out here for 3-4 hours stroking, squeezing and kneading.Then go directly to the neck, here we perform 4-6 stroking, squeezing 4-5, 5-6 and again 5-6 kneading strokes, and then thoroughly rub the paravertebral zone.

proceed to the chest.Here we perform grinding, then stroking, squeezing, kneading (all by 4-6 times).Massaging pads four fingers sternoclavicular muscle then perform here kneading and stroking the final (7-8 times).

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