12 August

Therapeutic exercises with circulatory failure

This set of exercises shown at any age for almost all diseases, injuries and their consequences.It is widely used in the clinic of internal medicine, neurology, traumatology and orthopedics, after surgical treatment of internal diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, and others.

It should be recalled that the complex physical therapy and the degree of stress for any disease should always choose a doctor.With the right approach physiotherapy can be an independent method of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases.In addition, exercise goes well with all kinds of medical treatment, physiotherapy and balneotherapy, mud therapy, the periods before and after any surgical intervention.

there are contraindications.Normalization of blood circulation is very important in the strategy of the treatment of any disease, but there are general contraindications when LFK eliminated altogether.About them should know.The list of contraindications is small and mainly concerns the initial period of the acute ph

ase of illness or exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute period of trauma and bleeding.This acute infectious and inflammatory diseases with high fever and general intoxication, acute phase of the disease and its progressive course, cancer before radical treatment, malignant tumors with metastases.In addition, classes are not allowed in acute disorders of coronary and stroke, acute thrombosis and embolism, the growth of cardiovascular disease with decompensation of blood circulation and breathing, bleeding, expressed pain syndrome, the negative dynamics of the ECG, indicating the deterioration of the coronary circulation.

All exercises are performed sitting in a chair.

1. I. etc .: hands on hips.Quiet breathing static character (3-4).

2. I. etc .: hands in her lap.hand at the wrist joint extension (6-8 times).

3. dorsiflexion at the ankle (6-8 times).

4. I. n .: arms down.Hand in hand - inhale, lower - exhale (4-5 times).

5. I. etc .: hands in her lap.Throw your hands straight ahead, to the sides, lower the (5-6).

6. I. n .: arms down.Alternate lifting your hips.Retractable stomach when picked thighs (5-6 times).

7. I. n .: arms down.Lay your hands in the parties - inhale, lower -vydoh (4-5 times).

8. I. n .: the hands fixed on the back of a chair.Sag back, keeping hands.When subsidence - inhale when bending - exhale.

9. I. etc .: hands to hold on to the seat of the chair, legs extended.Dilution and mixing straight legs with slip feet on the floor (6-8 times).

10. I. etc .: hands on the chin.Dilute the elbows to the side - breath, lift the shoulders and drop the elbows, slightly tilt the body - breathing out (4-5).

11. I. etc .: hands on hips, feet placed shoulder-width apart.The slopes of the body alternately left and right as you exhale.When straightening - inhalation (3-4 times).

12. I. n .: arms down.Lifting hand in hand up - inhale, lower - exhale (3-4 times).

13. I. etc .: hands on hips.Lifting, lowering, retraction and bringing forward of the shoulder girdle (6-8 times).

14. I. etc .: to sit on the edge of his chair, his hands holding the seat.Imitation of cyclists with a sliding stop on the floor (10-12 times).

15. Raising hand in hand up - inhale, lower - exhale (3-5 times).

16. rolling stop with the finger on the heel (5-6 times).

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