12 August

Hand massage joints - " dry washing " ( women's health )

Dry washing - not the usual procedure, but it is done every day.It's very simple and accessible by self-massage technique that allows you to stretch your joints of the hands and arms.Massage helps to restore joint mobility, prevents their inflammation, activates blood circulation and permeability of blood vessels, prevents aching arms and shoulders.It is especially good for those people who are in the cold season to suffer from pain in his hands. «WASH» HANDS .

proper, diligent rubbing brushes helps in chronic woodiness and freezing hands, which usually is associated with impaired blood circulation in the capillaries.It also helps to restore the movement of the motor brushes of activity after stroke, helps get rid of the chill hands, which is expressed in the sense of creeping tingling or tingling.

# Joining the palms, vigorously rub them against each other until a feeling of warmth

# then "wash" your hands, alternating obhvatyvanie another one brush, followed by massaging with the power of the back

of the hand clenched.Begin, left hand clutching his right.Then the right-hand grasp the left.These circular movements are very similar to the movements that we do lathered hands and washing them with soap under running water, but they are more energetic - about those when we scour very dirty hands.Taking one kneading cycle the left and right hands such a circular motion, do 10 or more "to wash" cycles.

# Firmly squeeze the hands into fists.Pry them relax.Repeat this movement 10-20 times.This increases the effectiveness of "washing".

# Put the brush relaxed hip and soft rubbing motion in a circle heat the first of its back side, and then the palm.Then mash the brush completely (they are concentrated biologically active point) - it promotes good sleep.

# If you tend to excessive sweating on the hands have calluses, or you are concerned about the increased drowsiness, you should not rub their hands.Replace rubbing tapping, slapping, kneading, which are just as effective.This also applies to "wash" the shoulders, arms, chest and legs.

«WASH» shoulder and forearm .

forearm and shoulder - locations of the three major joints.On them are the important blood vessels, and therefore even a slight deterioration of these parts of the body immediately affects the vital functions of the whole organism.

palm of his right hand grasp the inside of the left wrist and firmly lead her up to the shoulder on the inner side of his left hand.Then circle its left shoulder and move with a force downwards towards the brush, on the outer side of the left hand, reaching up to the rear side of the brush.Such rubbing movement, do 10 or more times, and then likewise left hand massage right hand.

Those freezes the entire arm, or her goose bumps run may do it more intensively rubbing, increasing the number of rubs up and down movement in the cycle many times.The therapeutic effect is manifested after a few sessions clearly.

But those who have seen in the hands of inflammation who have swollen hands, accompanied by a rise in temperature, these exercises are contraindicated.

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