12 August

Physiotherapy with pleurisy .Women Health

Pleurisy - an inflammation of the pleura to form dense plaque on the surface or the appearance of fluid in the pleural cavity.The main symptom of pleurisy - a pain in his side, aggravated by inspiration and feeling kashle.Bolevye decrease in position on the affected side.Respiratory mobility of the patient part of the chest significantly limited.Body temperature is usually slightly elevated, may be chills, night sweats, weakness.If pleural effusion is often a dry painful cough reflex nature.

set of exercises should be performed at least 3-4 times a day, some exercises to facilitate tensioning of the pleura, lung damage and straightening strengthen its ventilation, increasing the mobility of the diaphragm, especially on the affected side - up to 10 times per day.

1. IP-lying on his back, arms at your sides.Full and calm breathing, inhale through your nose.

2. I. p.- the same.Lifting arms on the affected side with the other hand, 3-4.Breathing not delay.

ZI p.- the same.Alternate tightening the legs t

o the abdomen and chest.2-3.

4. IP -. Patient lying on his side.Raising his hands up - inhale, exhale hand to press on the lateral surface of the chest.3-4,

5.IP -. The same.Alternate tightening the legs bent at the knee and hip joints, the rib cage.2-3.The pace is slow, pay attention to the rhythm and correct breathing.

6. IP -. Lying on his back, "Walking" lying down for 20-30 seconds.Rate average,

7. IP -. Half-sitting up in bed.Raising his hands on a deep breath on the affected side by a gymnastic stick, exhale torso in a healthy way, 2-3.If possible, do a deep breath as much as possible, a strong pain to prevent,

8. Ip- Lying on his back.Torso to the side.2-4.The pace is slow.Rhythmic breathing.

9. IP -. Lying on his back, arms bent at the elbows.The circular movement of the wrist joint, 4-6 times.The rate of average.Breathing is arbitrary.

10. IP -. Lying on his back, arms at your sides.Full and quiet breathing.4 times.Inhale and exhale through the nose.

In the future, patients perform simple gymnastic exercises to strengthen the muscles in the arms, legs and torso, combined with rhythmic and deep breathing.With good endurance load - exercises with gymnastic stick, throwing balls in a different way, the exercises with clubs.Furthermore, using a walking movement and change of rate in combination with breathing exercises.

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