12 August

massage technique for angina

Self-massage helps to relieve angina, it can be done immediately after taking nitroglycerin.With the help of massage decreases neuro-emotional tension, excitement and caused them a spasm of the coronary arteries.As practice shows, the best result in angina pectoris is possible to achieve a combination of self-massage with auto-training - pronunciation of auto-suggestion formula.

palms slowly stroking the face, head, neck, shoulder girdle, shoulder, wrist and knee joints.At the same time pronounce himself the formula of auto-suggestion, they recite slowly exhale by pushing the tip of the tongue to the upper gums.Each reception of self-massage is repeated 10 times.

1. Face - palm moving down from the forehead to the chin ( "grooming");the formula: "I am calm (on)."

2. Back of the head - hands do massage from crown to nape, pressing heavily on all of its hills;Formula: "No worries."

3. Neck - strongly pressing the back of the neck, hands moving up and down;Formula: "Vessels of my heart relax."

4. girdle (shoulder straps) - starting on the left, the right palm of the hand to move the clavicle and go back to the thoracic spine;the tips of his index and middle finger mash this part of the spine and around the 1-3 thoracic vertebra;Formula: "Spasms of the heart blood vessels are removed."

5. Shoulder joint - in a circular motion, first mash joint, then the palm of his right hand stroking carry out (to achieve a greater range of motion, keep your right elbow with his left hand);Formula: "My heart is calm and quiet."

6. The left side of the chest - his left hand make circular stroking the chest muscles, bypassing the nipple;the formula: "the heart vessels relax more."

Note: When high blood pressure is carried out only stroking shoulder girdle and the shoulder joint;Formula: "blood pressure is reduced."

7. wrist joint - wrapped around his left hand with his right hand, carry out deep rubbing, as if rolling the right hand on the left hand up and down;the formula: "I feel a pleasant warmth in the heart."

8. Knee joints - circular stroking fingertips popliteal region (under cup), then mash the joint itself;the formula: "I feel a pleasant lightness to the heart."

Note: If the pain has appeared outside of the home, you can try to remove it, "biting" to severe pain nail phalanx of the left little finger, then rub strongly pinky fingers of his right hand and hold your breath to the limit on a long exhalation (by K. Buteyko).

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