12 August

Dyspnea.How to cope with shortness of breath

known that one minute a person makes 16-18 breaths.More rapid breathing accompanied by a feeling of lack of air, called apnea.

Unlike pain, shortness of breath has no localization, and therefore people who suffer from it, it is often difficult to sort out their feelings.Meanwhile, ignore the first manifestation of this symptom is dangerous.After all, it can be a sign of the beginning of a serious illness.

Discomfort in breathing can occur in healthy people (for example, excessive exercise).

If you feel slightly out of breath after a hard work, it is quite natural and poses no threat to health.In this case, the appearance of shortness of breath simply indicates increased the body's need for oxygen.But we must distinguish wheezing after a quick walk on the distance of the quarter and climbing stairs.

- If you are short of breath, up the stairs, it means that you are in bad shape.But this symptom can also mean that you have of any disease.

- Shortness of breath occurs when a number of pulmonary disord

ers.Any pulmonary infectious disease, ranging from mild colds and bronchitis and ending with pneumonia and tuberculosis, can lead to respiratory failure.

- Three chronic lung disease - can cause shortness of breath and often - wheezing.

- Pulmonary collapse disorder associated with emphysema and other lung diseases, also cause shortness of breath.In addition to shortness of breath that occurs in the form of an acute attack, when a collapse is often felt pain in the affected side of the chest.

- In some severe neurological diseases, multiple sclerosis, disease Louis Dzheriga and myasthenia gravis in humans gradually increase respiratory disorders due to progressive muscle weakness.

- There are also a number of life-threatening conditions for which there may be sudden and severe bouts of breathlessness.Botulism (a rare but represents a mortal danger of food poisoning) leads to the defeat of both bundles of nerve fibers of the brain and the departments that control the respiratory muscles.In this state, the injured person, despite all efforts, could not breathe deeply.

you should always resort to medical care if:

1. Do you have the feeling of lack of air and the inability to compensate for her rapid breathing.

2. In addition to shortness of breath, marked pain in the chest, swelling of the feet or lower legs on the background of previously existing cardiac disorders.

3. Previously, you have not been diagnosed with asthma or other respiratory disorder.

4. Shortness of breath accompanied by a hoarse, rapid breathing or a cough with phlegm.

What if shortness of breath?

doctors say that asthma is often a reversible disorder.Most of the other diseases in varying degrees, also treatable.In any case, it is possible to significantly reduce discomfort when breathing by using some measures to maintain lung function.We recommend that you choose for yourself some of the following, and strictly implement them.

- If you smoke, try to quit.Tobacco smoke triggers the appearance of shortness of breath.Talk about it with your doctor.He may recommend medications or a program of withdrawal from smoking.

- Give myself in good physical shape.In the presence of excess weight, or in the case of a sedentary lifestyle, to reduce shortness of breath, you will need to clean up the heart and lungs.It is useful to take a brisk walk.We must set ourselves the task and do it at least 20 minutes three times a week.

- Learn to breathe stomach.Such breathing with the diaphragm more effectively acts on the lungs as possible.Instead, the surface panting person begins to breathe deeply.To do this, take a deep breath the air through your nose and exhale it, making the movement of the stomach, rather than the upper half of the chest.This method allows the air to penetrate into the lower parts of the chest and completely fill your lungs.

- Try reception "air kiss".Some people with heart and lung disorders becomes easier when exhaling air through his lips, elongated tube.Typing air into the lungs, exhale slowly through the nose is not his, and his mouth, stretching her lips forward.

- Try to strengthen the diaphragm and other muscles involved in the breathing process.This can be achieved by using different sets of breathing exercises.

- Use an inhaler before exercise.Even if as a result of active exercise you experience asthmatic breathing, it is not necessary to abandon the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčachieving a good fitness.Take a couple of breaths through the inhaler with bronchodilators for 20 minutes before exercise.Engage workout to warm up for at least 1 minute.

- Take swimming.This is an ideal sport with shortness of breath and asthma, especially because at that time you breathe moist air, which is much easier to bear light.

- Adjust your bed properly.If you have observed respiratory failure, when you are in bed, place a few books under the base of the bed from the head so that the slope was 36-40 degrees.It is also possible to acquire the lining of porous material.

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