12 August

Acupressure ( acupressure ) of the pain and stress ( non-traditional methods of treatment)

It's no secret that the majority of illnesses, especially in modern cities, arises due to chronic stress.But there is an ancient Chinese method, which has several thousand years of helping people get rid of stress blocks.Try to improve your health and mood with the help of acupressure techniques that are available to everyone.We have this method of treatment is called acupressure. ANTIQUE CHINESE METHOD .

Acupressure - is a method of self-medication, the use of which does not require any special knowledge.It builds on the experience of the ancient Chinese method of acupuncture has been used the most ancient in the world of Chinese medicine has 3000 years before Christ.But the need for acupuncture needles and other tools, and most importantly - the deep medical knowledge.In acupressure instead of needles used on certain finger pressure point.How to find points on the body that need to be massaged to improve health?

Most of these points are more sensitive than the surrounding skin.you can feel pain, hea

t, cold ... you can while pressing on them with your fingertip, as they say in China, catch the "chi", then pressing your finger on the point, then letting go.If you want to tone up, massage the point in a circular motion clockwise.

to stimulate various points require different force pressing.Remember that depression can be quite noticeable, and even unpleasant, but it should not cause pain.pressing length also varies.Press only as long as the sensitivity decreases, otherwise you will drain the point.

Remember that your best teacher - intuition and your own body.So, start to massage.

Calm .

This point is called the "sea of ​​tranquility" because it eliminates the impact of anxiety, it helps focus and balance the emotions.It is located in the center of the chest.If you stand straight, shoulders squared, folded his hands together and raise them to the level of the chest, the "Bone" thumb just touch the point on the protruding part of the sternum.Stay in this position for twelve breaths and put pressure on the point in the rhythm of your breathing.Concentrate on rhythmic breathing.During pressing focuses all attention on the point.


Exposure to this point, eliminates the headache, toothache, and pain in the eyes, neck and throat.This increases metabolism, stimulates the bowels.This point of energy tones "wei", which protects the body from the cold.

Raise your arms in front of him.Thumb of one hand to push the center of the hill between the thumb and forefinger on the outer side of the other hand.


Massage these points eliminates the symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease, helps with colds, dizziness and improves vision.Using your thumbs massage the points located in the valleys under the occipital bone on either side of the spine.

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